How to use Android phone as webcam (integrate with Skype)

We explain step by step how to use Android phone as webcam in a simple, fast and free way.

If you want to start a video call on your computer and either do not have a webcam or is defective (for laptops, at least), we have good news for you. If you have a mobile device running Android, you can use it as a computer webcam.
how to use android phone as webcam integrate with Skype Today we will explain how to use your Android device as a webcam. In addition to simple, this tutorial also requires root to work perfectly. The first step is to download the application DroidCam and its PC clients (Windows and Linux). The principle is very simple: DroidCam turns your camera into an IP Webcam, i.e. emits what you see on your camera so from an IP address can be seen. Then, using a client on your PC, collects and transforms the image so that your computer recognizes it as a webcam.
DroidCam is the most used and downloaded app from Play Store, with a low-resolution version and another Pro with extra features such as recording in 720p HD. In any case, for times of trouble, the free is more than enough. In this article we will use the free version. Let’s see how it is configured:
• DroidCam Wireless Webcam (Store link)
PC Client (Linux and Windows)
Settings on the PC
• It is advisable to close all other programs that are running to avoid problems.
• Download the latest version of DroidCam PC client and install it.
• Follow the typical installation steps.
• Once the installation is completed, you will be recommended to restart the PC.
Settings in Android
When you open the application on Android it will automatically start the webcam service on your device. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will certainly see a number of IP. Copy the IP address, go to the DroidCam PC client and past where it touches. Once done, if you click on Connect, the basic setup is completed. And you have your webcam ready to use.
Integrate it in Skype
Once you have configured and implemented DroidCam, you can start using your Android phone as webcam. In this case, we use Skype to explain how to use Android phone as a webcam. If you don’t have Skype installed on your PC and want install it, then go to the official website ( and download the latest version. When you have made with the implementation and operation have in your PC, tap on Tools in the top menu, and select Options.
In the side menu of options, tap on sound settings. In Audio, you can choose your sound card from Realtek HD Audio. Naturally, we select DroidCam. As for audio output, you can keep the PC speakers or the phone to listen, according to your preferences. For the Video Settings, Skype always adopt DroidCam as defaults camera, if you have no other software installed for web-cam. You only need to connect the phone and the PC as you have seen before and start a conversation.
Hope you run smoothly and enjoy your new webcam. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. Have a good day.

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