How to Turn Andorid phone into security Camera

Turn your old Android phone into security camera with Salient Eye Home Alarm System, android security camera app and keep updated on everything that happens in your house at zero cost.

If you have an old Android phone and do not know what use can give before ending up at the recycling center, there is an application that is very useful. Salient Eye, which helps you to turn your old mobile into a security camera and record everything that happens in your house at zero cost. All you have to do is connect the camera (leaving the mobile hidden) and point it in the area where you want to have that surveillance; such as the front door or a window you know that can be forced. This program is truly admirable!
Salient Eye, Home Alarm System Android security camera app

Why should you use this Android security camera app?

This application was made by an engineer named Haggai Meltzer after burglarized his home while on vacation. Then he thought it was necessary to have a mobile app that runs on Android, to take pictures of thieves or simply as an alarm. And folks, it really works well. With this application, you can add an extra security layer in your home with little effort … and very cheap. Indeed, if the cost of WiFi is discounted, you can go free. If you have an old Android that does not use, you should give Salient Eye a try before ending up.
How to Turn Andorid phone into security Camera This application works as a motion detector. When the camera detects motion, it begins silently and repeatedly photographed, sending photos by SMS and email to the user. All without giving any indication that the device is even turned on. In case of SMS and email, you will receive a link where you will access the photos that are stored in the cloud offered by the application.
At the same time, you can set an alarm to scare away the visitor. The alarm is optional, as some prefer to call the police immediately to capture the thief with hands in the dough. You can use a password to disable the alarm and adjust the sensitivity level of the motion sensor, which is very useful if you want to jump to any kind of movement. We like it because it works very well and is an economical alternative for homes and businesses.

Even if it is not to detect intruders, both systems can serve to see what happens at home when you are outside and see, for example, your baby or your pet.
Salient Eye, Home Alarm System: Android security camera app

Don’t forget that you need to have it on both devices: the one who stays at home and the other you bring.
There’s nothing to lose, so you should give it a try if you have an Android device at home touching the drawers.
Follow the link below to download the app directly from Google Play Store. Start recording everything that happens in your house at zero cost with this Android security camera app. Very useful. Don’t forget to share your experiance with us.

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