The best flight simulator games for android


We have selected the best flight simulator games for Android, so that the next time you die of boredom just have to take the smartphone in your pocket.

How many of you dream or dreamed at least once in their life to be able to fly a plane?
There are a large number of games available at Android App Market that will allow you to put you at the head (virtually) of a large number of flying vehicles: aircraft, helicopters and many more. Here we have selected the top 6 best flight simulator Android games for fans of flight simulators. These simulators have HD graphics, real world maps and instinctive controls, giving you a great realism as if you were making real flights. So if you want to have endless hours of fun in virtual skies, we recommend you to download some of these simulators to your mobile device.
flight simulator games for android In this article we will see a short list of what are the best Android flight simulation games that can guarantee you the most realistic and best flying experience on the screen of your device. Let’s start with the list and see what they are.


This is one of the most acclaimed flight simulators on Android that teaches you how to fly the aircraft. Fly from side to side, takes off and lands safely, and feel like a real pilot. The game has an extensive catalog of aircraft models and a number of airports. In addition, you can set the weather conditions, leading to a higher degree of difficulty when flying in rain, wind, fog, etc. It has a detailed tutorial to the first maneuvers.

Air Navy Fighters

Air Navy Fighters is a great air fighting game that brings simulation and action in one game. In the game you put at the controls of a real fighter in order to complete different missions. You can customize your missions choosing the type of target, the aircraft to fly, the weather or the take off and landing. It also allows you to design the maps of the places you’re going to fly, with its mountains, plains and seas, realistic 3D graphics.

Zombie Gunship

The game Zombie Gunship brings undead and aircraft in one game. In the game you put at the controls of a fighter jet and you’ll have to handle the heavy artillery to prevent the infestation of zombies from destroying the world. The game provides different and entertaining missions that will raise your adrenaline pumping.

Extreme Landings

This is by far one of the best flight simulators with which you will feel the adrenaline of flying a plane, since it increases the flight and then land on a runway. You will have free 6 missions, 18 challenges and 4 airports available. As unfortunately happens in real life even here at your plane happen to sudden failures, to which you respond with fast landings or exploiting the autopilot. Also sync with OpenWeatherMap allows you to get weather conditions in the game similar to the real ones.

Mortal Skies 2

Mortal Skies is based on the typical eighties warplanes game. The game offers you to controls an airplane of the Second World War in a battle with overhead view. The map moves forward and enemies appear on all sides, and you with your plane and your artillery must kill them all. Very entertaining game for Android users.

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

Feel like you’re the Red Baron, and surrounds the air, in aircraft two to three wings, so typical of the First World War. Live the experience of flying in the midst of a battle in the air. You can play in campaigns featuring up to 12 missions and play with players from around the world in online multiplayer mode.

These are the best free Android games regarding the flight simulators. Stay tuned for regular updates on the latest games and tools to keep you entertained on your Android.