Top 7 equalizer for Android to enhance the sound of music

A list of the best apps to modify and improve the sound quality on your Android. Enjoy enhanced sound with the best equalizer for Android.

If you are not satisfied with the sound of your smartpone or tablet then you should try installing some alternative application that to improve the sound or the quality of sound with an equalizer for Android. There are many such applications available for free but we have selected the best equalizer apps here.
Let’s checkout the top free equalizer app for Android will allow you to significantly improve the sound of your Android.

Speaker Booster

top free equalizer for Android

Speaker Booster for Android is a simple but powerful application to enhance the sound quality on Android. Booster speaker claims to be able to increase the system noise between 15% and 30%, depending on the terminal. Also you can modify individually the volume of different types of sounds, such as notifications and system sounds. This application has an excellent user interface.


This application lets you adjust the sound to significantly improve its quality. It has 11 default settings, prepared to enhance the experience on the type of music you like. You can also configure your own styles and save. You also have a 5-band equalizer at your disposal so you can adjust it to your liking. You can also apply different filters, such as increasing low, Virtualizer, or reverb. Equalizer is compatible with most media players.

Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ is very similar to the above but with a completely different design, and some may deliver different quality of sound. It has 9 preset EQ profiles and you can also customize these settings. You can also activate some effects like Virtualizer, Bass Boost and adjust the system volume. The application allows you to put a widget on the screen for quick access to main functions.

Bass Booster

bass booster for android

This is another best equalizer app for Android that comes with many features and powerful functions. This application has a 5-band equalizer with 20 presets to choose from, along with the option of custom settings. It also comes with support for on-screen widget (2 × 1), tasker plugin support and a music visualize. It also offers 4 different themes to customize your interface. With this application you can amplify the volume, improve sound quality for different music styles.

Equalizer music player booster

This is another good equalizer app to enhance the sound of your phone. It has a nice interface and easy to use user interface. It is a 5-band equalizer from low to high and has the advantage that it includes its own music player. Users can use up to 11 profiles based on different styles of music equalizer. You can even save your own custom settings and display the sound of the music played.

Sound Booster

Sound Booster for android

Sound amplifier is the easiest way to amplify the volume of your Android phone. It is for those who love to take the phone with the volume up on the streets, or partying with friends. When the application is activated, the phone ring louder and play music or video at maximum volume.

Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer for android phone

This is another good equalizer to enhance the music quality on your Android. It has 9 preset EQ types, depending on the type of sound you like and favorite style of music. It also features a five-band equalizer to create your own favorite sound system. And with its desktop widget you can have the main controls on hand at all times to adjust the volume and EQ on your Android, while listening to music.
Do you notice the improvement of volume? Do you know other free applications to improve the sound of your Android? Tell us! Thank you.

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