10 best makeup brands to check out for natural skin-care products.

One of the greatest desires of every woman is to be attractive, keep up with the youthful appearance, look beautiful and of course, have the best makeup kit. Let’s have a look at the top 10 best professional makeup brands that offers a broad range of beauty products.
Top 10 best professional makeup brands

Makeup has become an important part of our lives that every woman can not ignore. Ladies feel to be incomplete without decorating their faces with some tone. Makeup plays a vital role in self-grooming and personality development. Women are always fond of quality makeup items. So, here we prepare a list of the top 10 best makeup brands. If you are looking for new cosmetic products, be sure to scroll down through these popular makeup brands listed below.

Check out the 10 makeup brands in 2016. These beauty brands offer professional quality cosmetics.

1. Artistry

Artistry is focused on skin care and cosmetics, belonging to Access Business Group and included in the sales catalogues of Amway in many countries around the world. Artistry has some of the most expensive and prestigious products for skin care. For the manufacture of its products use unusual fruits from Africa and Mediterranean plants. Inspired by the discovery, imagination, and invention, Artistry believes in achieving younger looking skin constantly expanding the boundaries of beauty.
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2. Urban Decay

Our second choice in this list of the top 10 best professional makeup brands is Urban Decay. All in Urban Decay shouts “Professional!” It is one of the top brands in the United States and Europe. Unfortunately, UD is not cheap. You have to spend some good price to have some of these beauties at home. Therefore, nothing involving a sacrifice is too great, because once you purchase the product, it lasts for years.
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3. L’Oreal

L’Oreal is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world. This prestigious French brand is the largest and most developed to date. It is known for makeup, perfumes, skin and hair care products. Even though this brand has started its journey through the manufacturing of various hair care products, soon expanded its horizons and now offers products for skin care and especially makeup items. Today, L’Oreal has a wide range of products with over 500 different items. L’Oreal was founded in 1909 and now has its products sold in all parts of the world.
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4. Clinique

Clinique is the first prestige brand created under dermatological control. Since its inception in 1968, its formulas have been allergic and anti unscented, which was a revolutionary concept in those years. Its products for all skin types and its range of cosmetics have made it one of the best brands of makeup and cosmetics. Clinique is very careful with the skin and is sold in 130 countries, with the aim of making available to the customer the highest quality, most effective products, and to care and highlight any skin type.
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5. MAC Cosmetics

If we are looking for the best makeup and cosmetic brands we could not leave out MAC. This is one of the brands of makeup that produces a unique range of beauty products and is quite popular among celebrities too. This makeup company was doing their business since 1984 in Toronto, founded by Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan. Initially, their products were designed for makeup artists but are now available to everyone. MAC Cosmetics has now its stores worldwide. His best products include eyeshades, nail polishes, mascara, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, and others. This is the best – selling makeup brand in the United States.
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6. Estee Lauder

Started in 1946 in New York, Estee Lauder is considered as a famous makeup brand in the world. Her products are sold in more than 150 countries and cover a range from medium-high to an extreme luxury prestige. It has products for skin care, perfumes, shampoos, lotions, foundations, nail polishes, lipsticks that are admired for their high quality. Other than that, Estee Lauder manufactures high-quality hair care products. The brand itself has developed rapidly and is giving tough competition to other skin care brands.
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7. Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula is one of those brands that can be defined as “tender, cute, pretty, and feminine”. Physicians Formula can be considered within the category Consumer / Professional. Since it is not very economical, but it is not impossible to achieve. Their colors seem soft appearance, but do not be fooled, because they cover imperfections perfectly without leaving stucco.
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8. Lancome

Lancome is a French brand, characterized by its wide range of perfumes, but also has a very good makeup to spoil ourselves and stay beautiful. This is a renowned company. It has managed to occupy a good place in the market because it is quite accessible to the public. Eye makeup products of Lancome particularly mascaras promise to give users a flawless look. This brand is also approved for its foundations, face-packs, and face washes etc.
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9. Maybelline

Maybelline is one of the leading cosmetic companies. The products of this brand help women become even more beautiful and are great for touch – ups last minute or fast makeup. It currently sells its products in more than 120 countries and is highly appreciated. This American brand has excelled in lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes, eyeliners, mascaras, foundations etc. Her mascara and eye makeup express the charm and attraction of your face, giving you a flawless and attractive look. Using Maybelline products, you can definitely get a glamorous look.
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10. Olay

Olay is a skin care and makeup award-winning company. This brand has been around since the 1950s is widely recognized for its anti-aging and moisturizing skin tightening and night creams. The Olay products are simply amazing and are certified as safe by laboratory tests. Considered one of the makeup brands with products that achieved popularity in the market in a short time, Olay is premised on the quality of its products, which earned him a good reputation in more than 180 countries.
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This is our selection of the best professional brands of makeup. Of course, there are also other good makeup brands available in the market producing quality products. Do you use one of these makeup brands? What is your favorite makeup brand that procures professional quality cosmetics and makeup products? Leave us your comments!