Top 10 Perfumes For Women on All Occasions

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Here’s a selection of the top 10 perfumes for women to wear on all occasions. These famous/popular perfumes are loved by millions of women around the world.

Buying perfume is a difficult task like buying products for skin care as people have different preferences and expectations. We know it can be overwhelming to get the perfume that suits you.
Our taste in fragrances often changes with the seasons and fashions, but there are some good perfumes for women that have become classics and can use on all occasions. The following guide will help you find the popular perfumes for women for all occasions. We assure you that these are the most popular womens perfume this year.

When choosing a perfume, some women prefer to be guided by the scent; others are attract to the design, including many women prefer the famous perfumes brands, so we show a list of the top 10 perfumes for women to suit your personality.

Now, discover the best-selling top 10 perfumes for women from famous perfume brands and choose the fragrance that suits your needs.

Can Can by Paris Hilton

(*At the time of publishing price was $24.89)
Top 10 Perfumes For Women
Our first choice is the “Can Can” Eau de Parfum Spray by Paris Hilton. Since “Paris Hilton” is a renowned brand, we don’t think you need a detailed introduction. You use it on many occasions (if not all). It is perfect for cocktail parties, office, and even in casual meetings. ‘Can Can’ is a fragrance that lasts for hours on the skin, and given its spicy aroma, will captivate everyone around you. Without any doubt, this is one of the best -selling perfumes for women.
Top notes Clementine blossom, black currant, and nectarines.
Heart notes wild orchid and orange blossom.
Base notes Woods, amber, and soft musk.

Bomb Shell by Victoria’s Secret

(*At the time of publishing price was $40.74)
famous perfumes brands
This sensual and fresh fragrance from Victoria’s Secret allows anyone feel like a true and enigmatic celebrity. It is designed for both formal and casual occasions. It has a stimulating and glamorous scent that can easily turn heads. Purple passion fruit, Shangri peony, musk, jasmine, and tangelo are just some of the ingredients that make this so special perfume for women.
Top notes Strawberry pineapple, grapefruit, passion fruit, and Tangerine.
Heart notes Jasmine, Shangri-la peony, lily-of-the-valley, berries & orchid.
Base notes oakmoss, musk & woods.

Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker

(*At the time of publishing price was $24.68)
best perfumes for women
If you are looking for a good perfume yet on a budget, then check this out. Its price is very affordable and exceptional quality. Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker is the ultimate proof that not all celebrity perfumes have to be purely commercial projects without soul or commitment to consumers. In this women’s perfume, you’ll find a soft floral musky fragrance, very modern and pleasant.

This fragrance is very wearable, casual and modern. “Lovely” is becoming one of the top most favorite perfumes of almost all the women in the world.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

(*At the time of publishing price was $57.03)
Marc Jacobs Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs has done a very selective blend of floral fragrances and combined them with hints of citrus to finally create one of the most popular women’s perfumes: Daisy. Since it has a strong floral scent, it is recommended that women use especially in spring. Its scent inspires warmth and youth.
Top notes Wild Strawberry, Blood grapefruit, and violet Leaf.
Heart notes Jasmine, Gardenia, and Violet.
Base notes Vanilla, White Woods, and Musk.

CHANEL Allure Eau De Parfum Spray

(*At the time of publishing price was $156.21)
best womens fragrances
Chanel is another renowned fragrance company around the world. And its creation “Chanel Allure EDP Spray” is clean and sheer, sexy and cozy all at once. It is heavy and strong but not so offensive. This is by far the most expensive women’s perfume on this list, but taking a sniff on this spray would suffice to compromise your dilemma.

Christian Dior J’adore for Women

(*At the time of publishing price was $93.61)
top 10 fragrances for women
J ‘adore Dior has an attractive and wonderful aroma that gives the possibility for women to wear the perfect combination between “sexy chick”. We’re really talking about one of the most feminine perfumes ever created. With a combination of fresh flavors, such as African orchid, tangerine, blackberry musk, roses and Magnolia Champaka, everyone smells it feel a special enchantment.

Chanel No 5

(*At the time of publishing price was $145.00)
famous perfumes brands women
There is nothing that can be said of the eternal Chanel No. 5 which has never been said before. This masterpiece never goes out of style. This is a timeless classic perfume that has all the qualities to become any woman’s all-time favorite. In the end, it takes more than 90 years in the market and continues in the top of the sale listings worldwide.
Top notes aldehydes, ylang-ylang, lemon, bergamot, and neroli.
Heart notes Rose, Jasmine, lily, and iris.
Base notes vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, and amber.

Sì By Giorgio Armani

(*At the time of publishing price was $75.99)
top best womens perfumes
This fragrance is specially designed for women who are bold yet feminine. It is an irresistible combination of grace, strength, and independent spirit. SI EDP is a modern chypre, redesigned with airy floral, blackcurrant nectar, and woody notes. According to women who wear SI daily, this delicate perfume lingers throughout the day and it is sweet, mysterious and warm.
Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Oil.
Heart notes Egyptian Jasmine, Rose and Neroli Absolute.
Base notes Blond Woods, Patchouli Oil, Vanilla Absolute and Amber.

Obsession from CK

(*At the time of publishing price was $80)
good perfumes for women
The “Obsession” is another good choice made by “Calvin Klein”, one of the most popular perfume brands in the world. This fragrance is ideal for any occasion. Even though it isn’t made of different scent mixtures, it is still simple and strong. It is perfect for formal meetings, parties, birthdays and dinner dates.
Top notes: mandarin orange, green notes, basil, lemon, and bergamot.
Heart notes: Jasmine, sandalwood, coriander, rose, oak moss, cedar, and orange.
Base notes: musk, amber, vetiver and incense.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

(*At the time of publishing price was $75.00)
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a lovely, fresh and feminine perfume. It is especially ideal for young women who want a daily fragrance, light, and fresh use. Very suitable to wear in warm weather.
The perfume opens with tangerine citrus tones that give the feeling of freshness immediately after applying it. The aromatic feed is floral, highlighting the damask rose and pink peony.
Later fruity notes, mainly peach or peach are incorporated.
The background is totally covered with the perfume of musk, adding that “serious touch” necessary in all major fragrance.

The preparation of perfumes is an art, and so is finding the right one for you. So take your time and explore your options. We hope this guide to the top 10 perfumes for women this year will help you find the perfect perfume for all occasions.
Remember that if you have any questions about the best perfumes, you can leave us a comment and we’ll help you find the best women’s perfume for you.
What is the best perfume for females? We want to know your opinion. If you have a favorite scent you’d recommend, leave a comment at the bottom. Thank you for supporting us.

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