How to send programmed messages with Whatsapp from Android phones


Seebye Scheduler for WhatsApp is a suitable solution to the most forgetful who do not remember birthdays and anniversaries. You can now plan ahead sending your messages from WhatsApp Android phones with this simple guide.

The applications of instant messaging on smartphones are now essential. Totally replace the old SMS and provide only the monthly cost of the data connection. And, currently, WhatsApp is the most famous of all. This application is very well known for being a full-featured chat software.
How to schedule SMS messages on WhatsApp AndroidBut there is a feature that is not yet implemented natively on WhatsApp, the option to schedule SMS on WhatsApp. With this function, you can choose to send messages that you have filled in a very specific date and time. This function can be very useful on several occasions. It is a suitable solution, for example, to the most forgetful who do not remember birthdays. Or you can program the message to act as a reminder for your friends. And what about the wishes for the new year, with dozens of friends and relatives to be contacted? You can plan everything in advance, without losing time during the festivities. And especially not to forget anyone.
All this is made possible thanks to the application Seebye Scheduler, which requires a device with root permissions active. We will show you step by step how to schedule messages on WhatsApp Android.

Program automatically sending messages with WhatsApp on Android.

1. First download and install the free app Seebye Scheduler for WhatsApp (Download Link) from the Google Play Store.
2. Once you open the application, immediately, you will appreciate its simple and clean graphics. The button “+” that you find in the gray box will be your next destination.
3. Then tap on the “+” and type the message you want to deliver in a specific time. You can choose a text message or a picture.
4. The application will automatically synchronize all the contacts in your address books. Select the recipient of the message from your list of contacts.
5. Set the date and time you want the message to be forwarded. If you wish, you can also set the repeat daily, weekly or monthly.
6. Your message is active and ready to be sent automatically from the date and time of your choice.
On the home screen of Whatsapp Seebye Scheduler, you will find all the messages that have already been sent through the app and waiting to be sent. The programmed messages that have already been sent successfully will be labeled as “inactive”, while those are waiting to be shipped will be “active”.

Try the app and tell us what you think of it. We want to read your opinions and experience with the application. Your comments will also help other users. We are waiting for your replies. Thank you for your contribution in advance.