How to save voicemails from iphone to Mac and Windows PC

Learn how to save voicemails from iPhone to Mac or Windows PC, easy way.

Occasionally listen to the voicemail messages that can not or must not be deleted. You may have a message from a family singing happy birthday, or a message from a colleague with important information you’ll need to save for future reference. Saving voicemail messages on your iPhone is as simple as connecting to the PC. Surely you’ve done with your iPhone.
How to save voicemails from iphone to Mac Windows pc Here we will discuss two methods that can be very useful to you, if you want to save voice messages from your iPhone to PC.

Save voice messages from iphone to Mac and Windows

To do this, here we use a free and useful software named iBackupBot. iBackupBot helps you browse, view, export and even EDIT files backed up to iTunes. Once you have downloaded and installed the software iBackupBot on your MAC or WINDOWS PC, follow these steps to get your voicemail messages.
1. Open iTunes backs Security.
2. Unchecked the box Backup Encryption if you have it enabled. This step is important because otherwise will not let you edit the file later.
3. Open iBackupBot, two backups will appear, select the newest which is the same you did in the Step 1.
4. Looking at screen right next file: Library / Voicemail and select the message you want to download.
5. After selecting the message or messages you want to download, press on the margin and then choose File Export.
The voicemail is now saved on your computer.

Manual record: Save voicemails from iphone.

1. Download and install a voice recording software on your PC. There many options available online and many of them are free to download.
2. Connect your iPhone to the PC using an audio line in two directions. One end connects to the sound slot of your iPhone and the other to the sound input slot of your PC.
3. Open the voice recording program on your PC and press “Record”. Now play the voice message on your iPhone. You will not hear the sound while playing and recorded directly through the sound line.
4. Tap the “Stop” button on your recording software after the message is written. The voicemail is now saved on your computer. You can record messages in a CD, save them to a USB memory or send them by e-mail to a friend.
Do you know any other ways to save voice messages from iPhone to your PC? Let us know in the comments.
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