Apps to turn Android into a professional camera

Turn your Android into a professional camera (DSLR) with these awesome camera apps for Android.

With the evolution of smartphones, cameras of mobile phones have become better and better, but are still far from being a professional camera, right? But these days, it’s very rare you see someone carrying a camera at a party or on a sidewalk. People only take the phone and use it to capture dear moments. But unfortunately, most of the time, pictures taken with smartphones fall short in quality. Keep that in mind, Android application developers have made some awesome Android camera apps that will transform your Android into a professional camera and leave your photographs worthy of a frame! Here, we made a list of the best professional camera apps for Android. We see all the details.
Apps turn Android into professional camera

Top 6 best apps to turn Android into a professional camera (DSLR).

A Better Camera

As the name suggests, this camera application for Android can turn the camera of your smartphone into a better camera and let you capture high-quality photos. It has almost all the features of a professional camera that can help you take the quality picture. Some of the functions are the timer, continuous trigger, HDR, exposure control with the mode, night mode, video, removing objects, preshot, group shot, and panoramic photos in sequence. The settings have options such as exposure, white balance, scenes, focus mode, flash mode, use the back or front camera, lines on the screen, video quality and other. Download A Better Camera App Here.

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Google Camera

Google Camera is an application created by Google itself for smartphones with Android operating system. It has an innovative feature that allows you to play on the image to focus it without capturing it. There are also video recording, pictures in panorama and photosphere functions. Another new feature is the Focus Effect. With it, you can create photos with sharper depth using blurs in certain parts of the image.
Among the app settings, you can adjust the resolution of the camera and choose to add the location of the already captured images. It is a basic and very functional alternative. Download Google Camera App Here.

Camera ZOOM FX

With over one million downloads, there is no doubt that this is one of the best photo apps available for Android phones. However, paid version is most recommended by the amount of additional effects that are offered. The free version features bars, flash mode, a basic image editor and common scene settings such as ISO and image size. To use the HDR or timer, for example, you need to upgrade to the premium version. This really turns your phone into a professional camera. Download Camera ZOOM FX App Here.

HD Camera

The HD Camera is an application that offers a package with several additional features to the phone’s camera as zoom setting, geolocation, ISO setting, metering, and flash. The app has a function for image stabilization that works with the device software, providing greater stability to the user and less stuttering in the outcome of your photos. It also has the distinction of also improve the front camera of the devices. The HD camera is a good choice for your Android. Download HD Camera App Here.


The Camu is another best camera app for Android facing customization with very interesting features. Like Google Camera, the Camu does not offer advanced features for photography, plus a blur mode, self-timer, and flash modes. However, it offers a feature photo collage in real time, meaning you take up to four photos in succession and form a mosaic. The effects available in Camu are few but you can purchase filters for free in the app store inside. These filters add different types of real-time effects. A good choice for those who like to share pictures on social networks and do not have much time to edit them. Download Camu App Here.

Camera PV-5

It is perhaps the best camera app available for Android: provides all the controls of DSLR cameras. All parameters, such as the exposure, ISO, light metering mode, focus, white balance, program mode, self-timer and others are adjustable. It supports the long exposure with the possibility to see the opening time and this allows you to take amazing pictures at night or on the go situations and the results are impressive! Unfortunately, this is not a free app. You have to pay $3.31 to use this app. Download Camera PV-5 App Here.

That’s all for now. Are you using any other application that should be added to this list of the best apps to turn Android into a professional camera? Share with us your experiences by commenting below. Thank you.

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