Best Personal Finance App For Android – Control Your Expenses

Do you have trouble making ends meet? Do not suffer more, we offer some of best personal finance app for Android to control costs.

How you have spent the money this month? Answer this simple question is not as easy as it seems, at least at the level of detail that would be useful. The personal finance apps for Android can become your best ally for this task. A good application will help you to save money and above all make more time for yourselves. But finding the right one is not an easy task, because Google play Store has a vast amount of apps related to this task. To help in this task we have made a selection of the best personal finance app for Android to control your personal expenses.

These Android money management apps will help you know what you spend and how to manage your money. Let’s find the right one for you.

Expense Manager

Android money management apps

Expense Manager is an excellent personal finance app for Android. It has a simple design and is fairly easy to use. With this app you can keep track of expenses and weekly, monthly or annual income by choosing the appropriate category for each to have a clear statement of your finances. The application allows you to create as many categories as you want and sort them by color.

Expensify – Expense Reports

best personal finance app for android

Another best personal finance app for android users. With this you can combine personal expenses with corporate expenses in order to present your bills and recover your costs. It allows you to make reports easily, but also gives you an organization system through labels to identify each expense. You can also add comments, and synchronize information from credit and debit cards.

MoneyWiz – Finance

money management apps android

With this fairly simple app you can control you budgets, bank accounts and every day bills in one place. MoneyWiz is a simple app to use in which all the functions of the app are at its interface. Tapping on each of them, will get to the other categories in order to reach the utility you need. You can operate in any currency in the world and spend all balances appearing in the currency chosen at the time. Personal Finance

Mint is among the best personal finance app for Android. This app is the most popular in terms of financial management. Mint tracks and organizes all your accounts, balance sheets, the activities of your bank account and use your credit cards to account investments and loans. The application allows you to create spending targets and prepare budgets and also gives you reminders about bills and other debts. Mint performs all these functions automatically as long as your device is connected to the Internet.

Toshl Finance


Toshi is a powerful application to organize your personal expense and revenues in a fast way. It is divided into different sections where you will find the opportunity to record all expenses. You can include a monthly budget and adding your day to day expenses. Furthermore, the application will notify subtly once every 24 hours on your purchased and not have entrance app, in addition to exporting to a spreadsheet. For more forgetful, is an ideal choice. A simple application but very efficient to handle your personal expenses.

Monefy – Money Manager

With this personal finance app for Android you can track all the expenses you do throughout the day. You only need to add each expense you do, then you can see all expenses you have had throughout the month in detail. Monefy is very visual, in the central part each expense is represented by a drawing of an activity and colors. In this way you can keep track your daily expenses and make a good budget to save some money.


spendee android app

This is one of the best Android money management apps. It allows you to manage your personal finances comfortably. This application allows automatic analysis of data on your income and expenses and advises you on what to do with money. You just have to record an expense and included in the appropriate category and joined the log stats and graphs that are generated. It is a tool especially aimed at those who want to carry out a control of their personal finances easily. No need to create an account to use the application, so the more suspicious users will not worry that their data are part of a server or a record. It has an attractive design, very clean and intuitive. You will surly love this money management app for Android.
This is our selection of the best Android money management apps. What applications do you use to manage your expenses or take control of your payments? If you have not used any, then we recommend you to download these free apps. Save controls and really knows how you do use your money. Good luck.
Is there any application that we have not mentioned but deserves a spot on this list? Do share with us through the comments section! Thank you.

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