How to take screenshot on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Learn how to take screenshot on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with just a few simple steps. To carry forward the catch should do the same in all three devices without being an expert.

Make screenshots on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is really simple, but we must confess that is not too obvious and seems very complex until you see the process. Luckily it is not and after your first screenshot on the iOS device can repeat the steps with your eyes closed. Do not miss it.
how to take screenshot on iphone 6

Steps to make a screenshot on an iOS device.

If you want to make a screenshot in your iOS devices, go to the application where you want to take the screenshot. Now you must simultaneously press of the Home button and on / off button. The home button is located on the front of the device, which we use to exit or to activate Siri apps, while the sleep button is found on top of the device (or side in the case of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) and is the one used to lock the screen of your iOS device.
That is, all you have to do is press the two main physical buttons on the device for the screenshot. The sound of the camera shutter will indicate that it has captured the screen. The captured image is saved along with other photographs in your device and can access it at any time.
Once you have the screenshot on your image gallery, you may need to take it to your computer, share in any social or similar network. It behaves like any other photo, so we can use in image editing applications, send it via email or anything else …. Depending on the apps you have installed on your device options will be one or the other.
As you can see, taking screenshot in iPhone, iPad or iPod devices is a simple task and after doing it once will be hard to forget how. Although if you forget nothing happens either, since you can always check this little tutorial that will be on hand again. This simple process is applicable for all models of iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad, regardless of the version of iOS you have.
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