How to save pictures from a website on ipad and iPhone

Learn how to save pictures from a website on ipad and iPhone.

Imagine you are surfing the web from your iPhone or iPad and at some point you find a wallpaper or a GIF image on a page that you like, and want to save it on your device.
Maybe you’re reading this and already know, this article will not help you much, but there are still many users, especially newcomers, who do not know how to save pictures from a website on ipad and iPhone. We’ll explain the process below.

How to Save Web Pictures on the iPad?

To save an image to the Internet, the trick is simple. Look to the website where you saw that image you want to save and leave your finger on the image for a few seconds, automatically you will get a window with several options. Here you’ll have to choose the option “Save Image”. The image will be saved directly into the Camera Roll on your iPhone or iPad.
How to Save Web Pictures on the iPad You can also save images from email. Sometimes you have received an email with a picture you would like to share and thereby want to save on your iPhone or iPad. The same applies to an image you’ve seen on a web page with Safari or other of those available.
In other applications
It is possible that in some applications need to touch the picture first to make it bigger and then you’ll be able to save it. Then you need to perform the same action to save, leaving your finger down on the image until the menu appears with the option of “Save Image”.
This is all you need to know when saving images on your iPhone and iPad, to share or use them as wallpaper.
Did you know how to save images from browser on your iPhone or iPad? Did you find this article helpful?
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