How to recover deleted photos on Android

Today we face a topic that is dear to many and we talk about the best ways to recover deleted photos on Android devices.

Have you accidentally deleted photos from your Android device and now do not know how to retrieve them? Do not worry. In this article we offer two ways to recover your deleted photos on Android or restore your files from the dead.

Recover deleted photos from Android Phone.

First, know that you must act quickly. If you try to recover the deleted files after several weeks or months later, there is little chance that you can recover photos. Conversely, if you can attempt the operation just after the mischief, you should recover all deleted photos.

Via your computer (without root)

How to recover deleted photos on Android You do not necessarily need to root your Android device to retrieve photos, files and videos from your smartphone. For this, you just need a computer and a recovery program. Here, we use Recuva. This program was developed by the same developer of CCleaner.
• Connect your device to your pc and run Recuva.
• Select your device in the upper left list and press Scan.
• When the scan is complete, select the file and tap Recover.
The preview of your file is not available, but do not worry: it’s quite normal. Remember to save your file on your computer this time! With this program, you can also select multiple files to recover all at the same time, particularly useful if you have accidentally deleted an entire folder.
You will notice that this also allows you to completely clean a smartphone, before selling it for example.
There are other programs available, for example, 7-Data Recovery, Dr. Fone.

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Via an application (root)

If your device is rooted, you can perform this operation directly from your Android device. For this you need to download and install an appropriate program from the Play Store. We can suggest DiskDigger. It is an application that allows you to recover photos, videos, audio files and other types of files deleted from your memory or even on a microSD card. The advantage of this application is that it allows you to choose which part of the system you want to scan in order to retrieve your lost files.
You run a scan of your device, and then select the files you want to recover from the DiskDigger. The most is the preview pictures, this time you can more easily see the deleted files. The application gives you the option to send it to you by email.
The free version of DiskDigger allows you to restore only pictures in JPG and PNG and videos in MP4, M4V, M4A, 3GP and MOV format. The paid version allows you to retrieve music files, RAW images, Office documents, PDF, ZIP packages and applications in APK format.

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Dumpster for Android
Prevention is better than cure, right? Then try downloading the free app Dumpster on your phone that performs the same function of a basket on your PC. When you delete an image from your Android device, is not permanently deleted but is “stored” in this sort of trash and can be retrieved at any time.
This application is very useful when you accidentally remove something you did not want. It supports image formats, videos, music and documents.
Hopefully this article was useful, let us know your opinion in the comments.

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