How to print documents from Android phone

Learn how to print documents from Android phone. In this guide, in particular, we will see how to activate functions of printing from tablets and smartphones.

Even with all digital content that exists today, it is still necessary to have printed documents. We usually use the PC to send documents to the printer, but you can accomplish the same task with your Android smartphone and tablet. With the advent of cloud-based technologies and printing services, as well as applications and cloud-ready printers, printing is no longer an impossible thing on your Android device. In this post, we’ll learn how to print documents from Android phone or tablet. Do you need to print documents or photos directly from your Android?
How to print documents from Android phone Some printers allow you to print from your Android phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB connection. On the other hand, if the printer does not have these skills, you can register the printer to Google Cloud Print, a technology and service that allows you to connect the printer to the Web, making printers accessible from anywhere, anytime. You can also make printers accessible to your friends or print documents from your mobile device.
To follow this tutorial you must have a Google account (Gmail) and Google Chrome installed on your PC to enable Google Cloud Print and then choose one or more printers on your PC and install the Cloud Print application on your device. Google Cloud Print works with most Android devices. First install the application by the Play Store:

Now let’s see in detail how to Print with Android and Google:

Let’s configure a printer from the PC. Start Google Chrome browser and access the settings. On the settings screen, scroll down the page until you find the “Google Cloud Print” and then tap the “Manage” button to find a printer on your PC.
Let’s add one by pressing the “Add Printer” button. Now tap the button “Add printers”.
Google will initiate a search to find out which printers are installed on your computer. If you have one connected to your PC, Google will automatically select it and your printer will be stored in Google Cloud Print.
Hopefully, Google will display a success message. Now you must press the link “Manage your printers.”
In the next page you’ll see all printers registered in your Google Account and Google Cloud Print. The printers you have previously added appear in the list and are also able to print documents from mobile devices.
Finish the setting on the computer, so now let’s move on to Android. Now you can easily print documents from your Android device.

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Google Chrome is acting as an intermediary between the printer and Google Cloud print. When you print something from your phone through Cloud Print, you actually send data from your Android to Google Cloud Print, which forwards it to your Chrome browser, which in turn tells your PC to print the document to the printer. To print via Cloud Print, always make sure that your PC is connected to the Internet, you are logged into your Google account in Google Chrome, and that the printer is turned on.

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