How to delete youtube Account? Delete/Hide youtube Channel without hampering Google account, Google+ profile or pages

See, how to delete youtube account, delete youtube Channel or hide youtbe channel in a few simple steps!

how to delete youtube account

Deleting a youtube account or a particular channel is pretty straight forward process. In just a few minutes you can get out of the world’s most popular video-sharing service. The videos you’ve uploaded will vanish from millions of viewers. However, there are a few things you should know before proceed to delete youtube account.

Read our guide on “deleting youtube Account or a Youtube Channel” below and decide what’s the best option for you.

In recent time Google has redesigned its account setting pages and introduced many new features. Before, when people decided to delete a youtube account many of them did it very quickly by just deleting an account and its related services. It was very frustrating to find out later that they have also lost Google account, Gmail archives, Google+ profile or pages. But, there is nothing to worry now as Google allows to delete various service separately. The new setting options will keep your Google ID untouched unless you decide to completely remove the Google account.

Now you can deactivate your profile on YouTube, delete videos you’ve uploaded online, and continue to access to Gmail and other Google services seamlessly. We will show you how to do that.

You can close or delete YouTube account in two ways. The first one is to hide the particular YouTube channel you’re fed up. Just make it private; thus no one can see your activities or videos. With this option, you can go live again anytime you want. If you have multiple channels, then you may consider removing a particular youtube channel. The second option is more drastic than just hiding a youtube channel. It provides for the permanent cancellation of the YouTube channel and removes all the content, comments and subscription data.

SO, what is the best solution for you? Let’s find out the how to hide a youtube channel or account or how to delete YouTube account permanently.

How to delete YouTube account, delete youtube channel or hide Youtube channel without deleting Google+ profile or Pages

delete youtube account or hide youtube chanel

  • 1. Go to Google Edit Services and sign in with the google id associated with youtube account you would like to delete.
  • 2. You will be taken to a page where you can Delete a specific Google service
  • 3. Click on Youtube to go to account deleting related options
  • 4. Select I want to hide my content or I want to permanently delete my content, whatever you prefer.
  • 5. When prompted, enter your sign-in details and confirm the option you’ve chosen.

      With the final elimination of your YouTube channel, you will lose all uploaded videos, playlists, subscriptions to other channels and the chronology of views and research on the famous video portal. The process is not reversible.
      It is recommended to download a backup copy of the videos to your YouTube account. So, you can re-use them whenever your want. For this, go to the to Google Data tools, select the items you want to backup then click Next. From here you can choose to get the download link via email or various cloud storage service. Now select to Create Archive. The link to download the videos will be delivered to you by e-mail or another service. Processing times vary depending on the amount of data to be downloaded; it may take even days.

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