How to block a number on android (LG, Samsung, HTC and other smartphones)


A definitive guide on How to block phone numbers on different android smartphones.

How to block a number on android

Blocking unwanted calls on Android phones is now become easier than before as smartphone manufacturers started to include native call blocking feature on their recent handsets. Stil you could face some difficulties to get the task done. Because blocking a phone number or creating a call blacklist is somewhat different on different manufacturer’s phone.

But afraid not, we are here to discuss various call blocking solution on many Android phone. The guide below will provide you a good idea on how to block a number on android phones. There are few ways to block calls on a smartphone. You can either use the native call blocking feature offered by manufacturer or use an app to barred incoming calls from unwanted numbers.

How to Block calls on Android with built-in call blocking option:

There solution to block number on android varies device to device. Below we will show you the most known ways and device’s settings to block incoming calls from specific numbers.

Block phone numbers on Samsung Phones

how to block calls and numbers on samsung phones
Open the phone app on your Samsung phone then tap “More” on the right upper corner. Then go to the setting option where you will find Call blocking or Call rejection function. Turn on the auto rejection mode and add the numbers you want to ignore to Block list or Auto reject list. The feature also allows adding an automatic Call-reject messages.

Another neat feature is, you can directly add numbers from recent call list to auto reject list. From the phone app swipe left to see recent call Logs and tap on a number or contact and hold to select (you can choose multiple numbers if you want), then tap three dot menu on top right > select add to auto reject list to turn on Call block.

Block calls on HTC Phones

Similar to Samsung phones, HTC also offers call blocking feature right into the Dialer app. Just open the Phone app then move to Call history. Long press on the unwanted caller will pop up the option to Block that number or contact. You can find and manage the block list from the three-dot menu at the top right.

Blocking numbers on LG Phones

LG also offer an identical menu in its handsets to build a call rejection list. From the native dialer app tap the 3-dot menu in the top right to see Call Settings. In the Reject calls from select the Plus icon. Then start adding the numbers from call log or contacts. The function is also accessible from the Settings menu. Go to Wireless and networks then Call > Call reject > Reject calls from.

Automatically reject calls on a stock Android phone

The stock Android OS and or Phones with Vanilla Android makes it relatively easy to get rid of disturbed calls. There are few options you can use to prevent numbers from calling you.

From the recent call log, tap and hold the number you want to block, then press the 3-dot menu icon and chose to add in call reject list.

The contact app also allows blocking people. If for certain reasons you don’t want to receive call from a person, friends or family members in your contacts then this is how you should block them. Simply open the contact, go through the names and once you see the specific contact tap to view it. You will see a small pen icon that allows to edit the contact. Tap on that button to see available options. From there you can route that person’s call to Voicemail.

The call setting menu from the main setting button also lets users create a call rejection list. Go to Settings > Call > Call Rejection > Auto Reject List > Create. From here you can search for contacts and add them to the block list.

Block a number on android using call blocker apps

There are numerous apps available on playstore that let you block calls text from unwanted numbers and contacts. We found an excellent list of call blocker and text blocker app at getandroidstuff that offers call blocking solution for Free.

Block calls and numbers through carrier provided service.

Many mobile network opearetor offer call blocking service. While some of the carriers allow building a call recjection list for free, other charge a monthly subscriptuon fee. For example, in U.S. Verizon allows its users to block up to 5 lines for free. AT&T offers to block up to 30 numbers for a small monthly fee. We suggest you to call your carrier support and ask them what solutions are avilable.

Hope by now you’ve found the way to block a number on Android that works on your device. If we’ve missed a way, then share it in the comments section below.