how to add words in android dictionary

Learn how to add words in Android dictionary. You can also delete words in the dictionary to your mobile device.

The dictionary in your phone has one major goal: to facilitate the writing of words. When using, for example, the T9 or some other ‘smart’ writing system (Swype, etc), all the words that come recommended are those found within the vocabulary of your phone. If you use these programs and happen to type a word that they say does not exist, then you will need most of the time to reverse and change the word you typed. Result? Loss of time.
At this point you have to be smart and go to insert the item in the vocabulary of the phone. In this article we are going to explain how to include and delete words in the dictionary to your Android device in a simple way.
how to add words in android dictionary With the Android phone, the process is very simple and it does not create any problems in the functioning of the corresponding terminal. Therefore, you should not have any fear to follow the instructions that we provide.

Add words in Android dictionary.

There are two ways to add a word to the dictionary Android. Both methods are very simple even if one turns out to be the most immediate of the other.
Let’s start with the method that plans to enter into the system settings. The steps to follow are:
1. Enter in the system settings and access to the section “Language and input”.
2. Select the Personal Dictionary.
3. Once you are on it, then press Menu and add the word.
This method can be a bit difficult because for every new word that comes to mind, you will have to go to the settings and make this whole procedure. The second method is much more immediate, as it allows you to add a word at the very moment in which you write in a message, in an e-mail, etc.

Method 2:

This is something easier to do with an Android terminal. An example how you can add a word in the dictionary to your Android phone or tablet is continue to write in the message or email and every time you enter the word that is not recognized by the phone- like appear in a different color or with a red line below- just long press on the word and select the Add to Dictionary from the menu that appears. Once you are done, the word is no longer marked as an error.
Now you know that you can easily add any word in your Android dictionary. Next time when you use that particular word, it would appear in auto complete suggestions.

How to remove words from Android dictionary?

If you no longer going to use a word you can remove it from your personal dictionary. Once you’re in it by following the first method (system settings), you just have to press the word and in the top right, you’ll see a trash can icon with which you can remove the word completely. This is a very simple process.

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