How to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 5

Learn several methods to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 5 including the new “scrolling capture”.

How to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 5

The ability to take a screenshot on an Android device is a pretty useful thing to save quickly the information you see on the display. Taking a screenshot on a smartphone is a basic function, but the Galaxy Note 5 also introduced a new feature called “scrolling capture” can capture an entire page of any website or document by stitching together multiple screenshots.

There are multiple ways to capture screenshot on a galaxy note 5. Below we will discuss two simple ways to capture a regular screenshot Note 5 or the new scrolling screenshots of entire pages or emails.

Capture screenshot on Note 5 with key combination

Using power button and the home button is the easiest method to make a screenshot in most of the Galaxy Note series phones.

1.Press the home button and power button at the same time and hold for two seconds on a screen you wish to capture.
3. You will see a flash on the screen accompanied by a sound, and a notification appears confirming you have taken a screenshot.
4.Pull down the notification panel, where you’ll see a notification “screenshot captured”. Where you will also find the option to edit, save or delete a screenshot.

Take screenshot on Galaxy Note 5 with gesture or palm swipe

This is a gesture based method that allows capturing your Android screen in a faster way.

1. First, make sure the palm swipe method is active by going to Settings > Motion and gestures. If the option is grayed out, then turn it on.
2. Now on a screen you wish to capture, place your hand vertically to the left and right edges of your Note 5, and then by touching the screen, make the move toward the edge.
3. If you have done well, you will see a flash on the display and notification.
4. From the notification panel, you can edit, save or delete a screenshot.

If you do not want to use this gesture, you can disable it in the Settings menu “movement and gestures”.

Scrolling screenshot using the S Pen and the screen Write

You can also take a screenshot on your Note 5 by using the S Pen and the Screen Write option on the Air Command menu. Scrolling capture is very useful if you need to take a screenshot of a page or document that need to scroll down to see the full content. The so-called Scrolling capture is part of the Screen Write. It allows you to make one continuous screenshot of content that would otherwise require you to scroll and manually take multiple screenshots. The result is one large image with which you can do anything you want.

1. Remove the S Pen from your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. If the menu wheel Air Command does not appear immediately, keep the S Pen on the screen and press the button on your S Pen.
2. Using the S Pen, select Screen Writing on the menu Air Command.
3. Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will make a regular screenshot, and then tap Scroll capture in the lower left corner of the screen.
4. The screen will scroll, you can select Capture more to enhance the image or Done button to save the result.
5. Once you’ve made a screenshot, tap Share and save in the gallery.
By using one of the above methods you can easily capture the screen of your Galaxy Note 5 device. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. Thank you.
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