Hard Reset LG G5 and leave it like the day you bought it

In this tutorial, we will explain in detail how to perform a factory reset or hard reset LG G5.

If you recently bought a LG G5, and you noticed that the smartphone has not responded as it should, or something on the phone ends not works very well? The best solution is to perform a hard reset LG G5 to return the device configuration to its factory defaults.
Hard reset lg g5 factory setting
This is an easy and effective way to solve many of the problems due to misconfigurations or conflicts with applications. One of the benefits of making a factory reset LG G5 is going to get a new start for the device and this will cause the smartphone to operate as if no one had fretted yet.

It is recommended to backup all data you do not want to lose before performing this process because the hard reset leaves your terminal as if you just stepped out of the box.
It is important to keep in mind to prevent miss anything important. One of the best ways to backup your LG G5 is to go to Settings> Backup and Restore. You can also use an application of many that offer backup service that lets you temporarily store data in the cloud.

Here we leave instructions on how to make hard reset LG G5 to return it to the factory settings.

LG G5, factory reset with a hard reset

Now, if you’ve decided to go ahead, follow these instructions.
There are two different ways to run the hard reset on the device. Through the menu Settings or the physical buttons of the device.
To do this from the menu, assuming you can turn on and use your phone, simply drag down the notification bar of LG G5 and select the gear icon to go to the Settings page.
From the Settings page, select the backup and restart option and you must select the option to restore factory data.
If you’re using this first option follow these steps:
1. Make sure the battery is full.
2. Make sure you have backed up all important data.
3. Then access the Settings / Settings> Backup and Restore menu> Factory data reset> Reset the device.
4. Select delete all.
5. Your LG G5 will handle the process of restoring the factory settings. You’ll have to wait several minutes until the device automatically restarts.
If you can not use the phone in the normal way, you can use the below option. In this option, you have to use the physical buttons on the phone.
If you’re using the second option follows these steps:
1. Make sure the battery is full.
2. Make sure you have backed up all important data.
3. Turn off your phone.
4. Press and hold the Volume Down key and Power button simultaneously until the lights of the touch buttons light up.
5. Release the Power key, and then press it again immediately while continuing to hold the Volume down button.
6. ‘Factory Data Reset’ appears.
7. Use the volume keys to scroll yes or no.
8. Use the power button to confirm your selection and confirm the reset.
Once complete, your LG G5 will restart and you will have it again as fresh out of the factory. This process is also known as Factory Reset and is particularly useful in cases where the system Android is so damaged that it can not even start the phone.

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