6 Free Excellent apps to hide photos and videos on Android

The six best apps to secure the contents such as pictures and videos on Android.

Being able to hide photos and videos on Android can be very useful to avoid unpleasant situations with girlfriends, boyfriends or just any prying eyes.

How to hide photos and videos on android

Do you have some secret photos or videos stored on your smartphone and you fear that they can be viewed by all? Probably among the hundreds of pictures and videos you’ve taken with your Android is possible that there are some particularly embarrassing or that you prefer not to show to other people. Never fear. If, in fact, your priority is to hide and protect files stored on your Android, so as to greatly increase the level of privacy at the same time, you can easily download some applications that will rescue you. On this page, we will list the most secure and reliable free applications to hide photos and videos on Android.

The Play Store offers a variety of solutions. Use the following best apps to hide pictures, videos and SMS texts on android devices that you want to hide from prying eyes.

Hide it Pro

Hide it pro is definitely a complete software to hide pictures and videos on Android. It allows you to perform almost all operations that are offered by other programs. Once installed, it can be found on your smartphone under the false name of “Audio Manager” with an icon depicting two musical notes. All this to avoid arousing suspicion and it needs a special procedure for access to content. You can hide images, video, music, software, text messages, notes, and even encrypt individual files. And if you have root permissions can also hide other programs from the list of applications.

Gallery Lock Free

This application, unlike the others, has the “stealth mode” that allows you to hide the icon and not make it appear on the screen. If you choose this function, you’ll have to type the chosen password in the phone keypad and press call. Also, this allows you to take a call after three failed attempts to access. In the free version, you can hide only a limited number of photos.


Vaulty not only hide galleries of photos and videos with password, it also allows you to edit the images, filter files and create multiple archives with passwords. Even this application takes a picture to those who try to access with the wrong password. Interesting feature: if you lost the phone you can restore your files and recover hidden photos from online backup.


If you look for simple application with a password to hide photos and videos, KeepSafe is the right one. It is a very famous and popular on Android that allows you to protect your photos in a few taps. You can enable or disable the display of these photos from the gallery system so that no one can gain access to these images. Its management is very simple and intuitive so you will not have problems with using KeepSafe. It’s one of the best Android apps to protect your secrets.

Super Vault

It is a tool that goes a little beyond security and privacy by allowing hide images, messages and videos by encryption. It even supports documents and PDF files and also allows you to recover your password quickly via email if you forget it.

Safe Gallery Free

This is another program to hide pictures and videos from the gallery of Android. It has no exclusive feature, but it is still a very valid and interesting to secure the Android gallery and protect your privacy.

As we said, there are many other alternatives available at Play Store that should have been added to this list. Undoubtedly, however, these are the most popular and those that offer the most interesting functions to protect your secret photos and videos on Android with the password. What software you use to protect your privacy?

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