Convert & Compress videos on android without losing quality


Video Dieter 2 is an excellent video converter app to compress videos on Android. Compress your videos to any size you want without losing quality and share instantly.

How to compress videos on android

Applications for compressing video on Android prove very useful because the movies in 4K and Full HD weigh a lot and reduce the internal memory of the terminal. With the guidance today, we will see how to compress videos on Android with Video Dieter 2. This is a free application that lets you compress your videos to any size you want without losing quality and share your full-length video via WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and any messenger app.

With this free video compressor for Android, you can reduce up to 10 times the original size of the video. But the compression at maximum power is certainly not the only strength of Video Dieter 2 for Android, since you can remove the sound from the movie, use the time lapse mode for the speeding up of individual frames, change the resolution to 16: 9, 4.3, 1.1, 3.4, and 9:16. It also provides a key to record video with the camera of your Android and the video editor, meant to reduce the duration of the recording.

Let’s see how you can Compress videos on android without losing quality:

STEP 1: Connect to the Play Store and download the app Video Dieter 2 for Android.
STEP 2: Choose the file you want to process from the gallery. Alternatively, you can start to record a video.
STEP 3: Set the duration and the time-lapse. If it considers appropriate, you can rely on the function for removing the audio.
STEP 4: Choose the resolution.
STEP 5: Now set the quality of the movie and press the yellow button, positioned in the center.
STEP 6: in a matter of seconds, the operation will be completed, and you will have the compressed video. You can save it or share it on social networks smoothly.
Now you know how to compress videos with Video Dieter 2, most likely you may have noticed a thing. With this application, you do not have to “trade” the weight of the movie with the video quality. It is well known, in fact, that in the face of a compression evident, the video becomes lighter but worsens regarding yield. With this application, you can customize the process based on your needs!

Do you know any other free application of video compressor for android with good quality? Let us know in the comments? Thank you for reading.