How to make and receive calls without network coverage in Android

How about make and receive calls without network coverage by Android? Now this is possible. Continue reading to know the details.

So far, to make or receive calls without using the network, it was necessary that both the person making the call as to who receives, have the same VoIP application installed. Skype or WhatsApp, for example, so you can make a call using WiFi connection.
But with Libon you can make or receive calls without network coverage in Android. With it, is not necessary that the other party has installed the application and lets you make and receive calls without network coverage. You can also save on international calls and also works through the mobile data network.
make and receive calls without network coverage by Android
Libon (short for “Life is better on”) is an application to make and receive any normal call, even if your phone is not in the network coverage. The only thing you will need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Libon is not a new application, it takes more than two years competing in the market, due to the similarity of functions as other messaging and communication services such as WhatsApp, Viber or Skype.
To confer its benefits, visit this Google Play link. The application is free.

As Libon works – such as making and receiving calls without network coverage in Android

So, if your phone number is out of coverage, incoming calls will be forwarded free of charge to the Libon service. This feature will resend them instantly over the internet to the mobile. One of your contacts can call you normally and the Wi-Fi network will be used at no cost.

However, it is important to say that you will only have 15 minutes of free calls per month (plus 30 minutes for each contact you invite to the service). But you can still buy a pack of 10, 100, 200 or 400 minutes. But when your contact uses the application, you can call, send text messages, pictures, audio, location data and other at no cost and in an unlimited manner.

Using Libon

Getting started is easy. Simply download the app from Google play to install. The first time you start it will ask you to register with your Libon account and if not you can sign up quickly. To register you need your name and a phone number to confirm the account, it can be confirmed both by SMS and by telephone.
Once an active account will receive 30 free minutes that can be used until the end of the month. It is done. Now you just have to activate the WiFi connection on your smartphone and start receiving calls without having network coverage.
See the main advantages of Libon:
 There is no need for your contacts to download the Libon to speak.
 You can get any connection via Wi-Fi or mobile network: with or without coverage, even in offline mode.
 You will be entitled to 15 minutes of free calls made via Libon each month and up to 60 minutes for each guest contact.
 It works for international calls.
 Enjoy messaging and advanced connections completely free and unlimited with contacts who use the Libon.
 The service has backup / synchronization of SMS for each device using the Libon.
It is an innovative application that makes life much easier. You can download it by following the link below.

Are you already a user of Libon. Is so, do share your experience with us and other Android users through the comment section. Thank you.

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