Best Free Call Blocker Apps For Android To Block Unwanted Calls And Texts

Get rid of unwanted calls and texts with any of the following sms & Call Blocker Apps for Android.

There are many reasons why anyone would like to block numbers / incoming calls from specific phone, or contacts that are no longer welcome. If you want to block calls on your Android device, in order to avoid nuisance or impertinent person, or even to avoid harassment or extortion by phone, thankfully, there are several applications available in the Store that allow you to control the entry of your phone calls, either hanging or sending the call to voicemail. Some of them even offer the ability to block text messages and add exceptions to always allow your friends and family do not have any problem to call.

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Try any of these free SMS and call blocker apps for android.

Mr. Number-Block calls, texts

call blocker apps for android Mr. Number is a free, ad-free application, which allows you to block unwanted calls and messages, by adding phone numbers that you want to block. You can see information about incoming calls and block those numbers you do not want any contact. The application allows you to choose to be made with these numbers calls: hang up or send to your mailbox. Simply choose the appropriate tab for each of these actions (Hang Up, Voicemail and Exceptions, respectively), and add a number to that tab. The Exceptions tab is for numbers that do not want to block, that is. You will receive notifications every time a call is blocked (hang or sent to the mailbox).

LINE whoscall- Caller ID&Block

LINE whoscall WhosCall is one of the best apps to block calls and messages on Android that can identify calls from unknown numbers before the user answers the phone, besides blocking calls and unwanted text messages. The application has a database of more than 600 million phone numbers worldwide that helps you identify the person you are calling, and also identifies those numbers that call you with hidden identity. And when you receive calls from an unwanted phone can configure the application to block the phone number, both calls and SMS. The application has a database SPAM phones that feeds on information entered by the thousands of users WhosCall, so it is always current.

Call Blocker

call blocker app for android Call blocker is another great application for Android users who want to block calls and SMS. The application is very small and fairly intuitive. When you open the app, you will see icons that allow you to go directly to block calls or text messages separately. By entering any of them just add contacts or numbers you want to block. Likewise, there are several ways to add contacts to be blocked or not, through the phonebook, call log or SMS log, and, of course, directly adding the number.

Call Control – Call Blocker

best free call blocker apps for android The service works by blocking several different types of calls – including allowing you to share telemarketing numbers with the community. Thus, everyone can help, all through the creation of a blacklist with phones that should be avoided. The application has a database with a blacklist of spammers calling to which you can add your own numbers to block. You can also decide what to do with these calls: block them, silence them or ignore them. Create your blacklist blocked numbers and share with the community never to receive unwanted connections.

These applications are our top picks to block calls in Android. These top free sms and call blocker apps for Android are effective when you need a certain person stop bothering you by phone. As usual, we know that we have missed some other. What application you are using to block unwanted calls and messages in your Android? Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for being stay with us.

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