The 10 Best Zombie Games For Android (Free To Download)

These are the games we think currently the most popular and best zombie games for Android.

zombie games for android tablet

Turn your android smartphone into a bloodshed with the following android games featuring the deadliest zombies you ever seen on a screen. Graphics in HD, first-person game mode, adventures and splatter will keep your eyes glued to the display for hours.

The app store dedicated to the green robot is full of zombie games and most of them are free to download, but which of them really deserve to be on your device? We’ve gethered some of the top free zombie games for Android that should be downloaded immediately.

Now its time to grab the best free zombie games on android.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best and perfect zombie games ever made for Android. The game is apart from that pretty similar to its predecessor, except that it is simply better: better graphics, better immersion, automatic fire, more variety of weapons and enemies. True lovers of FPS obviously look this top shelf game.

Contract Killer: Zombies

Contract Killer Zombies is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game where your only goal is to survive and to do so you must destroy the nasty zombies. You’ll have to aim and shoot down the undead with your trusty weapon.

Into the Dead

Once you start the game you’ll end up in a zombie apocalypse where the only way to survive is to shoot like crazy. The environments are dark and mysterious, sedge suspenseful and often frightening, but the music is striking to complete the user experience. One of the best zombie games that you should download on your Android.

Plants VS Zombies 2

Plants VS Zombies 2 is the sequel to the most popular title ever on Android. The game is really well done and has nice graphics, but the gameplay is the immediacy of its strong point. This is a game of strategy and action where you’ll have to stop the attack of the zombies by placing potted plants and vegetables on the battlefield.


In this game, you’ll have to defend yourself from frightening criminals turned into zombies in a gloomy isolated prison. You’ve been hired to resolve the situation, you just need to choose the appropriate weapon and go hunting for zombies!

Dead Effect

Dead Effect is an excellent mix between the classic console series Dead Space and Dead Trigger for mobile devices. Dead Effect is an action game in first person with great gameplay, outstanding graphics, and optimal duration. It also has a single player campaign very, very entertaining.

Zombie Gunship Free

Zombie Gunship is a game that puts you at the controls of an AC-130 fire control potential with the obvious purpose of going to stop the apocalypse that is invading the planet. In every mission, you have to accomplish certain goals to level up and improve your weapons.

Zombie Diary

The game Zombie Diary puts you in the shoes of a survivor of the apocalypse that has as its purpose the goal of saving humanity. The game provides 24 different types of weapons, 5 different game modes and 5 types of skill with the possibility of improving them.

Zombie Tsunami

This is a reverse game of zombie. In this game, you will be the zombie and you will wander through the city in search of food. Each person you eat will become part of your zombie horde and then together can carry up to 300 different missions. Among the many tasty snacks, remember to eat bonuses and rewards that will make you get stronger!

Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway is back in its second incarnation, the new design for cars, 10 types of zombies to kill and many lethal weapons and, in addition, the NITRO to kill zombies as fast.

We would love to know your favorite zombie games. So, spare a little time to share this list with your freinds and add your top picks of android zombie games in the discussion below.

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