Best Tower Defense Games Android 2015: Discover The Top Free


You have to defend yourself against attackers and conquer the world. Our selection of the 10 best tower defense games Android 2015 that should not to be missed for fans of the genre.

The games of “tower defense” in which you must defend your territory against waves of enemies, are among the most successful and best known on mobile apps. The principle of a tower defense game is simple. Here, the player must defend a point against a regular invasion of enemies. For that you must place “defense towers” in strategic locations so they kill and stop the advance of the enemy. Different waves, earned points and a parallel evolution of enemies and towers make it all exciting. And Google Play Store is full of Tower Defense games! So it is hard to find the best free tower defense game that will make users spend enough hours of fun. That is why we bring you the most addictive and best tower defense games Android 2015 that will make you spend enough hours of fun with your smartphone or tablet.
Are you ready to crush your opponent!
Best Tower Defense Games for Android FREE

The Best Tower Defense Games for Android FREE

Tower Defense

If you want an explosion of colors and a futuristic theme, this may be the best option for you. It offers you to embark on another planet and defend against the aliens. You get to choose from 9 different towers to face 10 enemy units, all in 5 different worlds (mountain, desert, ice, earth and volcanic lava). While it is necessary to survive the waves of enemies, there are some special weapons that can help you through the most complicated situations. There is, for example, a nuclear attack able to decimate all opposing units present on the screen.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Fans of the first episode were not disappointed with this sequel. Facing a horde of undead, you will protect your land using … plants. Yes, the towers have been replaced by plants and improvement system is different from most games in the genre, but the fun is exactly the same. Each has specific powers and you can boost growth through fertilizer. The game will also make you travel back in time to break the zombie (Antiquity, Wild West, the future …). Once you start, you can not do without.

Towers N’ Trolls

Towers N Trolls is a real masterpiece of the genre tower defense. Build towers and defend against the trolls in order to protect your kingdom. This game is very easy to learn, but very addictive for a long time, due to a combination of dynamic gameplay and fast arcade strategy of tower defense. The game has wonderful 3-D cartoon graphics, delightful animation, amazing special effects and great sound. All this makes the gameplay vivid and fascinating.


Defender is undoubtedly the most popular game on this list. In this game you must defend your castle from attack of countless monsters. To prevent them, you have a crossbow arrows thrower. These arrows will be launched to the point that you press on the screen with your finger. The game allows you to set your crossbow with different attributes to make minor or major damage to certain enemies.

Castle Defense

Castle Defense is very attractive option in many ways, and you will be able to take the game for a long time. It has fresh quality graphics and new ideas in terms of game mechanics. In this game, in addition to the construction of the towers, you can also improve the character and use magic. For defense you will be given at the disposal of four types of towers and magic. This is one of the best tower defense games Android.


Bright, complex and addictive game in a fantasy universe. Like Anomaly Defenders, boasts stunning appearance, design and special effects. From their counterparts in the genre has an interesting system of collecting cards (which are the towers), randomly generated tasks and some features are usually characteristic of role-playing games. Perhaps this is the best tower defense comes from the CIS.

Radiant Defense

Very hardcore defense towers with a unique visual design and a dozen levels. Create a space fortress, protect it with a wide range of weapons and traps, and let the hordes of alien monsters begin the invasion. The game provides entertaining gameplay and nice graphics in a classic style and a wonderful soundtrack from Kubatko.

Toy Defense 2 FREE

Wonderful tower defense on the theme of the Second World War. Participate in the key fields of the legendary battles of Stalingrad, Normandy, in the forests, and deserts of Africa. The game offers a very exciting battle and you have to go through over 200 thrilling missions. Develop and manage your troops, buy improvements and destroy enemies.

Guns’n’Glory WW2

World War II on your android device. Choose the battlefield and for whom will fight – for American or German troops. You need to command tanks, troops and send them into battle at the front. You need to destroy as many enemies. For every victory you will be given a coin, for them, you can buy military units. This game has cartoonish graphics and pleasant, lingering gameplay.

Robo Defense FREE

Top free tower defense games Android 2015

Robo Defense is one of the most popular tower defense games Android with over ten million downloads to date. It features simple graphics, open maps, plenty of upgrades and difficulty levels. The free version has only one map and 11 difficulty levels while the paid version offers up four more maps and far more difficulty levels.
If you like tower defense games on Android you can not go without playing any games just show you on top. With different mechanical and different stories, sure you spend a good time playing with each one. And as always, if you’re hooked to another tower defense game that does not appear in the list, please tell us in the comments.

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