Best SSD (Solid State Drive) in 2016

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If you want to multiply the speed of your computer, nothing is better than buying an SSD (Solid State Drive). Below we have compiled a ranking of the TOP 6 best SSD of 2016, taking into account their quality / price ratio, reliability, and warranty.

Every time we want our laptops and desktops have a greater capacity and are faster at startup and operations we do. The SSD hard drives can be a good option to meet these requirements as they provide higher performance than traditional hard drives. The market is full of options so we decided to develop this guide to help our readers to choose the best possible option. In this post, we bring you some of the best SSDs in 2016.

What are the advantages SSD hard drives?

The SSD hard drive has a number of advantages over other types of hard drives.
• It has higher performance in data access.
• The absence of mechanical parts makes the SSD much faster than HDDs, causing Windows to start in less than 10 seconds and that programs will have been nearly so instant.
• Able to run multiple tasks simultaneously without noticeable performance loss, which can not be said for traditional hard drives.
• No noise.
• Consume less energy and produce less heat.
• Smaller and lighter.
• SSDs are more resistant.
• Faster writing speed.
You already know why you should buy a SSD, right? Now let’s discover the best SSD 2016 and choose the one that suits your needs. The ideal purchase would be the size of 512 GB. That is why, we have selected the 500GB models, but you can go for devices with more or less storage capacity (through the links given below), according to your needs.

Are you ready to find out the list of the best Solid State Drive (SSD) 2016? Let’s start!

Samsung 850 EVO

best solid state drive 2016
Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB is currently the best selling SSD device on the market and not without reason. Samsung is positioning itself very well in this SSD. With a Samsung MGX controller, a cache of 512 MB and 32 Layer 3D V-NAND memory technology, this SSD device is able to deliver excellent performance. 3D VNAND is a technology that can provide truly exceptional performance in reading / writing. It provides a speed up to two times that of a traditional flash memory.
This device is capable of reaching sequential reading and writing speeds of 540 MB / s and 520 MB / s respectively while the performance in reading and writing are 100K and 90K IOPS respectively. Also, it is much more efficient than other models in energy consumption. All Samsung 850 EVO are covered by a 5-year warranty.
Buy Samsung 850 EVO from US Market ($149.99)
Buy Samsung 850 EVO from UK Market (£110.99)

Crucial MX200

best ssd 2016
Crucial MX200 500GB is the second best SSD 2016, in our review, and located just a tiny step below the Samsung 850 EVO. With the Marvell 88SS9189 controller, a cache of 512 MB and NAND MLC Micron 16nm memory technology, it is capable of reaching sequential read and write speeds of 555 MB / s and 500 MB / s respectively while the performance in reading and writing are 100,000 and 87,000 IOPS.
The Dynamic Write Acceleration technology improves the performance of the device to make it even more competitive. Finally, it is also compatible with AES 256bit that can help you to keep data safe and secure.

Buy Crucial MX200 from US Market ($149.99)
Buy Crucial MX200 from UK Market (£112.98)

Samsung 850 PRO

Top 10 SSD device hard drive 2016
If you’re a video or photo editor or even a 3D modeler, we recommend 850 Pro 512GB of Samsung for you. It has a 10-year warranty and an extremely positive assessment for the duration of writing. The speed does not seem to vary much with respect to the 850 EVO, but the Pro can become faster by about 50% (323 MB / s against 204 MB / s) in some high intensity Benchmark, such as the “destroyer” of AnandTech, which tracks the workload of photo editing, writing code, video games and virtual machines. It is by far the fastest affordable SATA SSD.
Buy Samsung 850 PRO from US Market ($219.00)
Buy Samsung 850 PRO from UK Market (£173.35)

SanDisk Ultra II

Top SSD laptop mackbook computer
SanDisk Ultra II 480 GB offers a high-quality product, both for performance and capabilities. The company is a direct manufacturer of NAND flash memory, so it has direct control over production lines. This device offers the performance of 500 MB / s sequential write and 550 MB / s sequential read, while for the random performance we talk about 99,000 and 83,000 IOPS. The product is covered by 3-year warranty.
Buy Samsung 850 PRO from US Market ($129.00)
Buy Samsung 850 PRO from UK Market (£102.97)

Transcend 512GB MLC

solid state drive best rated
All the comforts are possible with this Solid State Drive from Transcend. This device includes is a 3.5-inch adapter, who will allow you to install it on any device. The cost is very low. It is a memory with aluminum case and read performance of 560MB / sec and write of 460 MB / sec. It supports SMART commands, TRIM and NCQ and especially the DevSleep mode.
Buy Transcend 512GB MLC from US Market ($154.99)
Buy Transcend 512GB MLC from UK Market (£156.76)

Kingston SSDNow V300

why should i buy SSD
Kingston has always been synonymous with reliability. SSDNow V300 improves the response time of the operating system and speeds up the games and application loading.
It is equipped with a custom LSI SandForce controller for Kingston and optimized for Flash memories of last generation. Bears falling or accidental blows. The Kingston SSDNow V300 is backed by a 3-year warranty.
Buy Kingston SSDNow V300 from US Market ($125.99)
Buy Kingston SSDNow V300 from UK Market (£89.99)
If you have decided to buy an SSD, do not hesitate to choose one of the models that we propose in this list. These products have been selected with rigorous care to ensure consumers the best performance at the best price in the market. Do you prefer traditional hard drives or SSD? What is your favorite hard drive SSD?
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