Best Small Kitchen Appliances of 2016

You have passion and imagination in the kitchen, but you are scared of wasting time? Here’s a list of the best small kitchen appliances that nust be in a practical and functional kitchen.

Best Small Kitchen Appliances 2016

Every kitchen should have essential elements that allow optimal operation and make life easier. Without any doubt, large and small kitchen appliances can save your time and effort in your day to day life. Large appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, are essential elements of a functional kitchen. Small appliances are also important for your kitchen as they bring a diversity of conveniences to your kitchen. Today, we have made a selection of the best small appliances for your kitchen. Let’s discover them together below.

Here are the top 11 small kitchen appliances that will make your life easier and are so beautiful that you’ll want to keep them in sight! Are you ready?

Coffee maker

Coffee maker machine is an indispensable small appliance for your kitchen. With coffee machines, you can prepare at home tasty and creamy coffee like those of the restaurant. Who don’t like to start their day with a hot cup of coffee? Almost everyone loves. See our selection of the best coffee maker machines here.

Toasters and ovens

Toasters and toaster ovens are basic requirements in many kitchens. Toasters are great small appliances that serve a variety of purposes. While the main function is still the toast, most toasters also have functions to cook and bake, allowing them to serve as small electric ovens.
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Bread Maker

The machines to make bread at home allow you to prepare crispy or soft loaves to taste freshly baked bread. Perfect especially for those suffering from allergies or intolerances, and wants to avoid contact with certain ingredients. Machines for making bread are easy to use because they automatically do everything. See our selection of the best bread maker machines here.

Electric Juicers

The electric juicers are the most comfortable solution to prepare beverages with citrus refreshing, in a simple and fast way. You can transform oranges, lemons and grapefruits into tasty beverages within minutes through a practical electric juicer. Here is our selection of the best electric juicers for you.

Food processor

Do you need to chop a lot of vegetables in a short amount of time? If yes, then food processors are your best ally in the kitchen. Many units come with a variety of blade attachments so that you can pick and choose according to your needs.
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Rice cookers

If you have less time for cooking, then appliances such as rice cookers become indispensable aids for you in the kitchen. A rice cooker allows you to save time and even energy in your day to day life. Most importantly, you can make perfect rice every time with the push of a single button. Here is our selection of the best rice cookers at Amazon.


Any baker knows how laborious it is to stir bread dough or cake batter. A good mixer can make your life in the kitchen much easier. With a Mixer, you can easily combine wet and dry ingredients, like flour and eggs. Some mixers come with dough-hook attachments for kneading.
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Electric grill

The electric grill machine is the optimal solution for those who wish grilling meat without creating nuisance to their neighbors. Unlike traditional barbecue, the electric grill machine does not provide, in fact, the use of charcoal. Therefore, the advantage is to get the excellent grilled meat without no smoke or odor. Obviously, the grilled meat still produces a strong smell and a little ‘smoke, but the amount is lower than that generated by the charcoal or wood. Food cooked on an electric grill tastes great and can be a lot healthier than pan-fried food.
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Slow cooker

Slow cookers or crock pots are especially helpful for busy people because you can prepare a meal before leaving the house for the day and have it done by the time you get home. This small appliance for kitchen allows food to simmer all day or night to provide a delicious, home-cooked meal.
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No small kitchen appliance is more beloved than the microwave oven. From the day of his invention, the microwave has gained more and more popularity among homemakers. They are particularly suitable for thawing and heating food, avoiding turning on the electric oven or gas stove to accomplish the same tasks. Thanks to their particular operation, the microwave ovens can accommodate containers to cook food or heat them without that they are damaged.
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French fries, hush puppies, and chicken fingers are all made to perfection by a deep fryer. Home-grade deep fryers are very popular appliances because they bring the restaurant taste to your dinner table.
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These were the must have small kitchen appliances, in our opinion, you should have in your kitchen. Do not forget that, beyond kitchen appliances you use, the main thing is to cook with desire, with love and enjoy that beautiful moment. We hope you liked it as much as we and do not forget to share this with your friends and family through social networks.

Did we miss any essential kitchen appliances that should be added here? Let us know in the comments. Your recommendations will help other users to choose the right gadgets for their kitchen and help us to complete this article. Thank you in advance for your great contribution.
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