Best free shooter games for Android: Take good aim and pull the trigger!


Discover the best shooters in the first person or third person. If you like to play such games then here are the best free shooter games for Android.

Ready for another ranking of the best games available in the Android Play Store in 2015? This time we devote the best titles to all of you who love shooters, to enable you to indulge your thirst for (virtual) blood!
best free shooter games for androidWith intense fire exchange and detailed graphics, shooting games are among the most popular among the players, regardless of platforms. Android is no exception. Google Play Store offers really a lot of shooter games in first and third person for smartphone and tablet devices. Here is a selection of the top 7 best Android shooter games free to download on your Android. These free titles will delight the owners of Android smartphones and tablets.

Top free shooting games for Android.

Dead Trigger 2

After the success of the first chapter of the saga, MADFINGER has produced a sequel that improves the previous title’s experience. The developers have made improvement in every section of the game in order to bring a more enjoyable title for players. In the game, you will face the classic zombie apocalypse and the campaign of fighting will affect the entire plan.

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Six Guns

Want to experience the life of an outlaw lived in the Old Wild West? Then you should download the game Six Guns, a shooter game set in the time of lawless Arizona. The game has well-developed graphics and addictive gameplay. In the game, you will have to make your way between bandits and gunmen to the sound of bullets in the remote Arizona. The game provides 40 missions, ensuring many hours of fun.

N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

Older and in a futuristic world, NOVA 3 does remain a staple in the world of FPS. The game has beautiful graphics and dynamic gameplay and often updated. It offers several hours of single player campaign and seven multiplayer modes. Version Freedom Edition includes advertisements in exchange for free.

Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is an addictive shooter game set during the Second World War. In the role of Sergeant Wright, you will use experimental weapons and visit the dramatic adventure that will begin landed in Normandy. You’ll have to drive not only your character, but also a team of highly trained military, each characterized by unique skills that can make a difference on the battlefield. You can unlock many weapons, including some experimental models. You will find great graphics in the form of striking interiors, changing weather and time of day.


If you want to compete with other players online, you need to download SHADOWGUN: Deadzone. It is an insane tactical multiplayer game that allows you to compete with up to 12 players online. The game provides two game modes (Deathmatch and Zone Control), 10 different playable characters, various maps, and a handful of weapons available at your disposal to destroy your enemies. From shotguns to rocket launchers to EMP grenades and so much more. This game even offers multiplayer voice chat so you can talk trash to your opponents in real-time.

AirAttack HD Lite

AirAttack HD Lite is a perfect airplane game for all the nostalgic of the old video games. In this game, you will be flying a warplane and you must destroy everything in your way. You will fly over a landscape marked by shell explosions and enemy fire making the game close to a stunning realism. The game provides three difficulty modes where you’ll be confronted with 24 different types of enemies and 3 huge bumps. Its spectacular graphics quality and amazing sound effects will surely amaze you.

The best Android games with stunning graphics for a gaming experience like no other.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

This game is probably the benchmark in the mobile industry for FPS, not so much for graphics (which disappointed) but in terms of functions and precise controls, modes and there are lots of aids for newbies. Controls, weapons, and characters are all highly customizable.

Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun

Blitz Brigade is a multiplayer shooter game for Android. The graphics are good and the game offers so many ways to test your ability to shooters. The essence of a true shooter is to not let brain time to think, you just shoot like there was no tomorrow.

The Best Multiplayer Android Games For Free.

On Android Market, there are many others, high quality. If you think something is missing in the list, you can share them with other Android users through a comment.