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These are the Professional Screenwriting Software You’ll Love

Best Screenwriting Software

No one can dispute the fact that it is possible to write a masterpiece without any aid of Screenwriting Software. Even so, the power of being able to organize your ideas and developing your narrative and characters while on the move is invaluable to a modern writer. Below are reviews of ten of the best Screenwriting software ever made and a final verdict of the best. But first, let us demystify the subject and also look at what matters when you are choosing Screenwriting software.

What is screenwriting software?

Screenwriting Software is a special word processor for writing screenplays. The screenplay has a standard format that does not go well with the generic word processor software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Screenwriters need specialized applications to quickly typing character names and dialogues, adds various notes and even ways to collaborate with team members.

How screenwriting software works

The screenwriting software is useful because conventional word processors are not easily capable of handling the format screenplays. These are either mobile-based applications or standalone desktop applications but sometimes with cloud connectivity. Mobile-based apps allow users to create scripts as well as import scripts from the cloud while on the move.

What to look for in good screenwriting software

  • Compatibility: This is the ability of the app to share, export and import from other screenwriting software.
  • Mobility: Is it supported on iOS and Android? If it is, then that means you can write easily while on the move.
  • Cloud: This refers to whether you can access your app online from different devices.
  • Adaptability: Does the app have features that are useful to you or allow you to make changes you want?
  • Collaboration availability: Can you be able to collaborate with writers?
  • Supporting products: Can you get tutorials, updates, etc. from the developers of the app? If so, is it still free or do you have to pay for updates?

1. Final Draft Write

This is the ultimate screenwriting software for pros. Being compatible with nearly all other production software; it is the most convenient software to use and comes in handy when you begin filming. In this industry, there is everything else, and then there is the FD writer. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. And this is surely no exception, going for about $250 it is worth every buck!

2. Movie Magic screenwriter

Endorsed by the WGA and equipped with some collaborative features to help you team up with other professionals. It is not just given the endorsement as the Writers Guild of America official screenwriting software for nothing; it has every desirable aspect of a great screenwriting app and has produced more Hollywood movies than anyone cares to count. This software will cost you anywhere from $169. Not cheap but value for your money.

3. Celtx Plus

This is a great tool for both professionals and amateurs alike. Not only is Celtx screenwriting software but also a full-bodied reproduction package capable of location scouting scheduling and storyboarding and much more. This app started out being free and later came the plus version which is equipped with cooler features for just $15. The Celtx, whether the free app or the Plus, is a great app and deserves its place among its equals.

4. Fade In Pro

Fade In is a cross-platform and highly compatible screenwriting software able to interchange files with almost any other commonly used screenwriting software. This is simple and straight forward software with all the tools you need as a writer and less clutter. Retailing at $50, this comes with just with a black and gray theme the GUI is friendly to your eyes an invaluable advantage of this masterpiece.

5. Storyist

If you always write on the go, this is your next best friend. The Storyist is available for both Mac and iOS platforms so you don’t have to be glued on your computer only you can write on palmtop devices as well. With a neat interface and the support of tutorials available for the app, you should be able to start writing like a pro in no time. Storyist will cost you around $79.00.

6. Movie Outline

Developed by a pro screenwriter, the app has all the tools you need as a writer to help you develop both the characters and storyline. For just $145, you can have this app and be well on your way to writing your first masterpiece. Because of the numerous tools and options available, this app can be a little bit difficult to learn at first but then once you have learned to use it, then you will appreciate the resources it has to offer.

7. Scripts Pro

This is a handy mobile app with the ability to both export and import while preserving your final drafts from most other screenwriting software. This and more for just $13.99.

8. Adobe Story Plus

Choosing the Adobe way of writing will have both its ups and downs. On the bright side, you benefit from a boatload of tutorials and the software will be easily compatible with adobe production premium CC. On the other hand, it is not compatible with most other apps and will cost you quite some dough in monthly subscriptions of $9.99 that may amount to more than any other software, but at the very least, you get all the support you need.

9. Scrivener

Going for about $45, Scrivener is the best when you are after crafting, researching and developing a good narrative for your story. However, while you can write a masterpiece on this app, it has almost no production support and is, therefore, not convenient when it comes to filming.

10. Montage

With templates for screenplays, television, stage and comic books, Montage can help you write a good script. The only problem is that it contains some features and tools that you might not need as a writer. That said, Montage has an easy to navigate user interface, and you can do more than just write on it!


In conclusion, the above screenwriting software is all the best each in its way. Therefore, the best screenwriting software for you depends on where you are regarding your writing career, how much work you are handling and the need to be collaborating with producers and other writers and sharing content. While many apps are free, is it not surprising that the pros use only a few apps that are not?
What are your thoughts on Screenwriting software? We would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments.

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