Best Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Cases that looks good and offer protection

The best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases buying guide; protect the latest flagship Android smartphone from Samsung Galaxy series.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge might not look very new in the way of general aesthetics, but a bigger, a slender body display, and a nice curve to the back results from a phone that not only looks stunning – but feels great in the hands too.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge also add some new (or old?) functions, including an IP68 dust and water resistance, and a microSD slot for memory expansion. Overall, it’s a great looking phone, and that’s why it’s important to protect it! The best way to prevent your phone from scratches and scuffs is using a case. There are already a lot of big cases on the market, and we are here to discuss the best options to protect your new Android smartphone well.
Without further ado, to point you in the right direction here is our list of the best cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

UAG Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

best cases for galaxy s7 edge
We begin with the name Urban Armor Gear (UAG), known for thin and durable cases. For Galaxy S7 Edge owners, they are offering a coherent case that still manages to look pretty good in the process. The case is also MIL Composite TD 810G 516.6 certified, which means it complies with military drop-test standards. The design is pretty solid and UAG offers multiple different colors.
Buy from US Store ($34.95)

OtterBox Commuter series

best cases smasung galaxy s7 edge case
When you think to buy a cover or case for your smartphone, OtterBox is one of the few names that will come in your mind first, when it comes to brand recognition, in particular. The OtterBox Commuter series brings the best case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – in terms of aesthetics and durability. It is a lightweight case with a slim design that protects Galaxy S7 Edge well against bumps and drops. It is also equipped with rubber port covers to block the dust and debris from entering the phone and, as an added value, there is also a protection for the screen included.
Buy from US Store ($34.95)

Case Ringke Fusion

cover case samsung galaxy s7 edge
Are you looking for a good case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge but do not want to cover the beautiful design of the new phone in the process? The case Ringke Fusion is perfect for you. The case is made from hard TPU and has edges made specifically to absorb maximum impact. Do not add too much bulk, and his thin transparent TPU bumper with active touch technology allows easy access to all ports and buttons essential. It also includes protection caps connected so as to dust and debris will not be easy to sneak in ports. What’s more, it also comes with a free DIY model so you can customize the case.
Buy from US Store ($10.55)

Galaxy S7 Edge Clear Case

Galaxy S7 Edge Clear Case
This is another good choice to protect the smartphone and, at the same time, keep the original design intact. This cover Samsung Galaxy S7 is made of flexible and transparent silicone. In addition to protecting the smartphone fairly well, it also provides anti-slip properties that allow you to hold your phone with one hand stable. It can also cover the edges of your phone in whole. The presence of millimetric cuts leaves uncovered only the ports and keys in a very precise way. It is also a very slim and lightweight case, so in addition to being aesthetically invisible will be no noticeable increase in the total thickness of the smartphone. Finally, we point out the price is also not disappointing at all and very convenient.
Buy from US Store ($7.99)

Galaxy S7 Edge Rugged Cover

Galaxy S7 Edge Rugged Cover
This is a rugged cover. The specialty of this type of cover is the fact that it can protect you S7 Edge from any type of collision. The thickness increases than other covers, but could be compromised to make your smartphone secure, even in the worst spills. It also comes with very accurate cuts on various ports. Furthermore, the side keys are protected by additional keys to ward off entirely the wear and the formation of dust. The front part is protected by edges that make the smartphone immune to damage when falling upside down. Also, signal the presence of a rear part that allows you to use the case as a stand for watching media files horizontally, or to attach to pants.
Buy from US Store ($7.99)

CandyShell Grip Case

CandyShell Grip Case
Speck is actually one of our personal favorites, as the price is often quite good, and even cases still manage to look good and provide long-lasting experience. The CandyShell Grip case for the Galaxy S7 Edge is designed to withstand drops, scratches, and scrapes with no problem, and manages to look pretty good in the process.
Buy from US Store ($34.95)

Leather Wallet Case

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Leather Wallet Case
Here is a flip cover with high build quality but at a price cheap enough. This case is very sturdy and is made of high-quality leather whose cuts are very accurate. The cover is closed by a convenient magnet and also has a fold to use it as a support by positioning the smartphone horizontally to watch media files and more. Finally. we point out that this case can also be used as a wallet as has compartments for credit cards and bills.
Buy from US Store ($30.00)

Samsung S-View Clear Flip Cover

Samsung S View Clear Flip Cover
And finally, here is what we consider the most refined cover, namely the flip cover made by the company itself. It is made with a front that has a semi-transparent pattern to allow the user to leverage the functionality Always ON the display of Samsung Galaxy S7 and cover the screen at the same time. You can view time and notifications without open the front cover. It is a case with grip and the perfect fit for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is aesthetically beautiful and perfect to protect you new shiny device. But, frankly speaking, the Samsung official cases tend to be at least a little too expensive. This continues to be true for the Samsung S-View Official flip case. Don’t forget that it truly works well. We recommend this particular case if you don’t mind to spend few extra bucks and it worth.
Buy from US Store ($59.99)
It is also important to protect the screen of your device. Here’s our selection of the best screen protector for Galaxy S7 Edge.
How did you like our list? Do you have something you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments.

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