Are you thinking about a new case for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S7? Look no further; we present the best Galaxy S7 cases to protect your new device accidental bumps and scratches.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a complete machine in every aspect. With Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE, the company re-introduces the IP68 certification and the slot for micro SD cards. Both of the devices also have a high-end GPU (Mali-T880) capable of playing any video game available for Android smartphones. It comes with almost all the latest smartphone technologies in a gorgeous shell with a delicate blend of metal and glass. So it is crucial to invest in some protection if you don’t want your new Galaxy S7 screen shattered or that shiny body picking up scuffs and dings. That’s the reason we will show you the best cover and cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 to protect it from drops and scratches.

Urban Armor Gear Case

best galaxy s7 cases
Urban Armor Gear cases are very protective while manage to maintain an industrial and sophisticated look. It also complies with military drop-test standards, which means you will get a reliable protection for your new Samsung Galaxy S7. They are available in various color combinations, although the price varies according to models tone. This case also exists in versions for the S7 Edge and basically costs the same.
Buy from US Store ($34.95)
Buy from UK Store (£24.99)

Speck CandyShell Case

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Speck CandyShell is ideal for people whose hands sweat a lot. Thanks to its rear that ensures excellent non – slip grip ergonomic design. A finish polycarbonate with rubber coating that absorbs shocks and stronger impacts. It includes a bevel protection around the screen of the device that protects against possible falls. It fits perfectly the device and very precise cuts ensure easy access to all ports and buttons essential.
Buy from US Store ($34.95)

Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear

best cases for samsung galaxy s7
It fits perfectly to the Samsung Galaxy S7. The transparent design of this cover highlights the original look of the smartphone while maintaining a small footprint. It has a coating silicone TPU transparent with Active Touch technology that allows easy and natural access to all ports and buttons essential. It also has the attached guards who defend the various ports from dust and dirt.
Buy from US Store ($10.99)
Buy from UK Store (£6.99)

Slim Fit Case

Slim Fit samsung galaxy s7 case
This case comes with a very simple but elegant design and offers a good protection of the device, even if you left it pretty open the screen. It covers all four corners of the device and includes raised edges and a TPU lip to keep the screen from scratching or touching the ground. So it is perhaps appropriate to combine the purchase of this cover and a protective film for the display. It was made with a high-quality TPU and very resistant polycarbonate. It has all the precise cuts to access the ports, the camera, keys, and the display of the new Galaxy S7.
Buy from US Store ($18.77)
Buy from UK Store (£14.99)

Samsung S-View Flip Cover

best cases for galaxy s7
The Samsung S-View is one of Samsung’s original cover made for its top range devices. Surely, we all know about the features of this case that allows, thanks to the front door design, display different information and notifications. You can also answer incoming calls without having to open the door and then act on the display. The cover offers good protection covering the entire device. Though it is not made of a particularly strong material, but it can be a good choice if you think the risk of significant impacts is very low.
Buy from US Store ($49.99)
Buy from UK Store (£27.33)

Samsung Flip View Case

Samsung S View Clear Flip Cover
The cover Samsung LED View is one of the innovations introduced this year by Samsung and it’s really very interesting. In practice, it comes to a cover similar to the classic flip cover of Samsung as regards the design, but in terms of functionality behaves as an s-view cover! Thanks to the LEDs on the front, you can see different information, such as time and calls for income to which you can respond by acting with a swipe on the LEDs. LEDs are also customized according to the Caller. Overall a really interesting cover that almost makes you forget the price at which it is sold despite being significantly higher than the cover competitors.
Buy from US Store ($59.99)
Buy from UK Store (£32.22)

Samsung Flip View Case

good case cover samsung galaxy s7
Finally, we have another great alternative to defend fully the Samsung smartphone against bumps and scratches. This is a PU Leather wallet case that covers the entire device and protects it very well. The design is very simple and elegant and has inside several pockets that can be useful for storing banknotes and credit cards or the like. The cover has a very convenient magnetic closure and overall this is a great choice for those who are used to using this type of cover.
Buy from US Store ($15.99)
Buy from UK Store (£9.99)

Have you decided to buy any of the Galaxy s7 cases from the list above? We will be looking forward to hearing your review on that particular case. Don’t like our list of the best cases for Galaxy S7? Shout loud your reason in the comments from below.

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