The 6 best app to listen to radio free on Android

Want to listen to radio stations around the world with your Android smartphone? Here are the six best FM Radio apps for Android available on the Play Store!

Do you have a smartphone without the FM radio feature, but do not want to give up the chance to listen to your favorite stations? Are you tired of the local radio stations and would like to hear something more international? Do not think further and install one of the best Android radio apps that we have discussed below.
best fm radio apps for android FM Radio apps offer music from different genres, shows on-demand, podcasts, radio stations and commercial alternative. You can always refresh your mind with an internet connection (preferably WiFi) and a beautiful FM Radio application that allows you to listen to different radio stations from around the world!
After a careful and thorough research on the Play Store, we have made a selection of the six best applications available to listen to the radio for free on Android. discover them below.

The 5 best radio applications for Android.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn is one of the best apps for Android to listen to radio free. Here, you can find lots of radio stations from around the world. It works without many problems and provides a wide choice of music. You can also follow your favorite radio, the commentary, and sports talk show in a simple way. You can also check the list of the most popular podcast, you can listen to on-demand. Download TuneIn Radio App Here.

Internet radio

Internet Radio is a simple radio application for Android to listen to lots of music for free. It provides hundreds of radio stations with all kinds of music. It is a very light service and works perfectly without any major hitches. It is dedicated to those who want to discover new music, opening a new musical horizon that goes beyond the usual radio stations. You can listen to all stations in high quality with a low-speed Internet connection. Enjoy your favorite radio stations everywhere. Download Internet radio App Here.

Jango Radio

Jango is an application that plays the best music of the artists you love. Just type the name of your favorite artist and Jango will create a custom station with his/her music. Or you can tune into hundreds of stations broken down by gender. All with a single ad per day and unlimited listening. Already a Jango listener? Great! You just login to access your favorite stations or to save other directly on your mobile device. Download Jango Radio App Here.

Radio FM

The application allows you to listen and enjoy a wide variety of genres such as songs, music, talk show, news, comedy, theater, concerts and much more live from various Internet radio. Users can choose inputting information of any radio station or tuning in the root directory. It provides more than 10,000 radio grouped by countries. Download Radio FM App Here.

Stitcher Radio

Stitcher is a very attractive, functional and free service to listen to the radio on an Android smartphone. You can create your own radio stations, select clips of your favorite radio show, add songs to your playlist and more. The service is simple to use. Once you learned the mechanism, it will be a pleasure to build your own radio station to your liking! Download Stitcher Radio App Here.

8tracks playlist radio

8tracks is more oriented toward streaming music. It allows you to hear the kind of music you love through playlists sorted by genre and trends. In addition, you can create a personal account to share your playlist and songs with other users of the service. Download 8tracks playlist radio App Here.
Now it’s up to you! What are your favorite apps to listen to the radio for free? Happy listening!

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