The best products for men’s hair care

Here’s a selection of the best products for men’s hair care to show the best of you.

In the same way, that clothing and footwear, the way you care for your hair can tell a lot about your personality and sense of fashion. Fortunately, companies that make products for men’s hair care continually develop new products, new trends, and styles.
But before you decide to change your hairstyle or just take care of your hair with another brand, please read on the following products for hair care and know what product can help you make your hair look like you’ve always wanted. Let’s start.


best mousse for mens hair products
Hair mousse or styling foam is a hairstyling product that can add extra volume and shine to your hair. You can make any style and the desired look with this great hairstyling product. When used with wet hair, give you a limp, wet, glossy look. When used with dry hair, will help mold it and give your hair a more natural look. The mousse can provide more volume to men with finer hair. We recommend you to use mousse daily if you want to create a natural and easy way to manipulate your hair.

How to use mousse or styling foam?

Shake the container. Disperse a small amount in one hand and apply to your hair with both hands. Massage your hair to get what you want. And dry it to be better grip.

Main benefit:

It is ideal to highlight the curves of a wavy hair and looks great on medium and long hair. The mousse allows you to achieve celebrity-worthy volume. It works on everyone and even protects your hair.

Main disadvantages:

It will give some lift and volume but unlike gel or other styling products such as sprays, mousse will not be able to keep this hold for a long time.

Try: SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse


best hair gel for men
The hair gel is the most efficient product to keep the hair in place constantly. The ingredients of the gel work well in any kind of hair, whether curly, straight, long, short, etc. You can use this hairstyling product to get different hair style such as freezing, molded, sculpted, etc.
Good quality gels can keep your hair shaped and wetted for many hours. Don’t buy the alcohol-containing gel that can dry and damage your hair. Cheap gels have a tendency to dry up the scalp and flaking.

How to use hair gel?

Disperse the required amount in your hand and use both hands to rub it in your newly towel drying hair. Massage the hair to obtain the desired hairstyle. Dry with dryer if you want a fixed hairstyle or let dry naturally for a brighter look.

Main benefit:

Gives great control in the hairstyle that lasts all day and sometimes more.

Main disadvantages:

The cheap ones can go a bit flaky. If you overuse it your hair can look really greasy. Gels can also dry your hair out if you use them a lot. If you wash it out at the end of the day then you shouldn’t have any long-term effects from hair gel.

Try: American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel


best hair wax for men
One option that has taken a lot of strength in recent years is the wax as it helps generate very versatile and modern hairstyles. If you want to achieve a hairstyle that can change or shape to your liking throughout the day, this is the best option. There are different textures: some are more fixing such as “web”, some leave a matte effect and more they shine. Choose the one that best suits the results you want.

How to use hair wax?

Only use an amount equating a fingertip, then spread the hair wax around the fingers and work your way through with the fingers. Do not use a comb, only style with the fingers.

Main benefit:

You can generate different results depending on your hair texture you choose and also change your hairstyle throughout the day as you like.

Main disadvantages:

If you apply too much product your hair may be greasy and drained.

Try: Mandom Gatsby Mat Type Hair Wax


best hair styling products for men
Pomade is a clever blend of wax and oil for hair. It will help you achieve the classic look made popular by Leonardo DiCaprio (think The Great Gatsby) and Mad Men’s Don Draper. Pomades can give your hair extra shine and softer texture. It works best for curly hair. We recommend you to buy water-based pomade so it’s easy to wash out. Use it to define and sustain your hairstyle.

How to use hair Pomade?

Using your fingers, spread a small amount of pomade to the areas that need a little extra shaping or texture. Be careful not to use too much to avoid your hair looking greasy.

Main benefit:

It works on all kinds of hair such as short, long, mid-length, multi-textured, curly and straight hair. It can help you grow beautiful healthy hair.

Main disadvantages:

Acne will arise because pomade contains oil. Headaches emergence, due to the strong effect of the pressure that pomade give, will feel dizzy when wearing excessively.

Try: SLICK DEVIL Firm Hold Semi Matte Pomade


best hair care products men
Use it mainly to fix your hair or give certain volume. It makes your hair look thicker and can add shine. There are different levels of attachment to fit the results you need.
Most quality sprays bring UV filters to protect your hair from the sun, which is a big plus for those who spend much time outdoors.
When sprayed on wet hair, you can create any style to your liking. It is also very good to set a style already marked and achieve maximum settlement hairstyle. The good thing is to avoid strong smelling spray not to plug your cologne or perfume.

How to use hair spray?

The spray is the easiest to use product. Sprinkle evenly throughout your hair. Wipe dry or let dry naturally to create different styles. Make sure you are away from the fire as it is flammable.

Main benefit:

It is very easy to apply (3-4 times) and you do not have to get your hands dirty.

Main disadvantages:

Many sprays have a strong odor, and when used too can give your hair a crisp and dry texture.

Try: Kenra Volume Spray


best products for mens hair care
If you are a man with medium or long hair and like to let natural and loose, the best option is styling cream. This product conditions the hair and leaves it manageable. There are many options depending on the needs of each hair.

How to use hair spray?

To apply it places a circle the size of a coin in the palm of your hand, rub your palms and then apply it to your hair, especially at the tips, then accommodate however you like.

Main benefit:

It leaves a very natural look in hair as if you have not applied any product while leaving your hair conditioned.

Main disadvantages:

No fixation. Hairstyle will not remain the same all the time.

Try: American Crew Forming Cream

Fortunately, you will find the product that best go to your hairstyle. But make sure that any product you purchase does not contain any kind of alcohol, and try to find products with UV filters for sunscreen and features that wet the hair to keep hair healthy.

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