The Best Women Perfumes that attract Men

Perfumes for Women that Men cannot resist: floral or fruity, fresh and appetizing, will be unforgettable olfactory experiences. In our extensive research and interviews with many women, we found Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto is the most romantic fragrance that attract men.

Yes, you can conquer a man with the right scent. By using attractive perfume, you can make yourself desirable to men. In fact, our bodies produce natural scents to attract the opposite sex, and by just adding a small amount of perfume to this, a girl becomes irresistible to men. There is nothing better than to find a fragrance that your partner would love. Wearing the right kind of scent means to arouse a man to the primal level.

According to Alan Hirsch, the MD of Chicago Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation – “It is a way to get targeted conquest.” Natural scents of your body and aromas stimulate parts of the brain that connect directly to our sexual desires. If you do that well, your partner will not be able to resist you.

What perfume turns a man on?

Many studies show that certain scents can influence a person’s attractiveness and alter the modes of people surrounding by. Perhaps the most influential is women’s own body odor that naturally turns on men. However, due to different levels of the hormone in different person crates strong or less body fragrance. Also, they defined as Pheromones that are natural substances produced by a body that can externally recognize as natural human scent. Although researchers have yet to find a specific pheromone that acts as an aphrodisiac. The research found that women with higher levels of estrogen and lower levels of progesterone produced a “more attractive” odor.

What scent is most attractive to guys?

Since Perfume is a big industry, companies constantly put the effort into research to find what scent is associated with a man’s libido and increase the level of desires. Surprisingly, many found that smells like cinnamon and vanilla are most attractive to men. Other companies also try to add Pheromones in their perfume to make it more attractive.

10 best Scents That Attract Men

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Eau de Parfum Spray

best perfumes for ladies


Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto
$65.30 (*At the time of publishing)

Many other customers who bought Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto admired the product in the review section and it becomes one of their favourite purfume.

The creation of the Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto is perhaps the most mysterious perfume that the company has launched. It has fresh bergamot and red berries, but then it escalates with white flowers (Sambac jasmine and lily of the valley) to finish with a woody base and vanilla-inflected.

Curve Vintage Soul By Liz Claiborne For Women

womens scents according to men


Curve Vintage Soul
$90.40 (*At the time of publishing)

A clean smeely perfume that also feel sensual, sexy and exotic.

The woman who wears this fragrance will certainly receive many compliments there where you go. Sweet and sour mix fragrances will make it unique and delicious. This perfume is very sophisticated and feminine, and its smell will last you all day.

212 Sexy By Carolina Herrera For Women

Our Pick!
best perfumes for women to attract men

212 Sexy By Carolina
$46.90 (*At the time of publishing)

212 Sexy By Carolina Herrera is a seductive perfume for women that combines captivating tangerine, rose pepper, and bergamot sprinkled with floral petals, gardenia, and hints of cotton candy warmed with musk. This women’s fragrance is sure to seduce from the very first encounter.

212 sexy perfectly represents the research that Carolina Herrera does, the concept of sensuality. This oriental floral fragrance has notes of output where the mandarin, bergamot, and pink pepper intensifying an irresistible and attractive proposal. In his heart notes, gardenia, the Pelargonium, sugar cotton and various flowers, take romantic chords that are so typical for this feminine scent. Also, their background notes focus on aromatic vanilla and in the intense wood accents of sandalwood and musk.

BURBERRY Brit for Women

BURBERRY Brit to attract men


$104.00 (*At the time of publishing)

Brit Rhythm for women is dedicated to a free-spirited woman, irreverent and determined. It is a fragrance that will be good company for the summer nights and more.

Brit Rhythm is a charming and unpredictably sexy fragrance for women that was launched by Burberry Brit in 2013. Fresh and playful, this is a classic, green-oriental blend of Italian Lime, Icy Pear, White Peony and sweet, nutty essences like Green Almond and Sugared Almonds, with soothing amber, vanilla, and Tonka bean. Burberry Brit body lotion worn with the perfume creates a deeper fragrance experience all over.

Chance Eau Fraiche EDT

top best perfume to attract men


Chance Eau Fraiche
$103.50 (*At the time of publishing)

Chance Eau Fraiche EDT is a floral-sparkling fragrance, conceived as an olfactory turbine full of freshness and imagination, an explosion of bubbly happiness.

A fragrance that releases energy, created around the absolute of jasmine, the citrus notes of cedar and intensity of the note of teak wood, which asserts its presence by giving all its richness and elegance. Without any doubt, this is one of the best perfumes for ladies to attract men.

Paris Premieres Roses Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

attractive fragrances for women

Paris Premieres Roses Light
$64.95 (*At the time of publishing)

Paris Premieres Roses is the fragrance that makes you turn. It will also turn your men choosing you for life. With this scent, a new spirit is revealed in a lighter and bright bouquet that expresses the energy of youth.

The revival is announced to the rhythm of bright notes of the wild rose head, violet leaves and a neroli agreement drenched in light. In his heart, the Damask Rose is tempered by the refreshing sweetness of a peony agreement and creamy elegance of a thrush agreement. Finally, a busy trail of rose permeates the skin, touched by the delicacy of white musk and a sandalwood agreement.

Hugo Boss Nuit Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

seductive womens fragrance


Hugo Boss Nuit for Women
$64.99 (*At the time of publishing)

Hugo Boss Nuit comes from England and reccommend by ladies as a great romantic wear.

Boss Nuit Pour Femme is the latest fragrance from Hugo Boss. It is sensual, nocturnal and somewhat mischievous. And it combines the richness of jasmine and violet with the freshness of white peach.

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillè Eau Gourmande

ladies perfumes


Laura Mercier Ambre
$63.25 (*At the time of publishing)

Vanilla is not everybody’s cup of tea but you might actually love the fregrance as it smells sweet.

The exotic and seductive Vanilla Gourmande will cause you a warm and comforting feeling that powerfully call the attention of anyone. Frankly, this is the perfect choice for any woman who wants to feel renewed and relaxed whenever carrying it. With an exciting combination of ingredients such as vanilla liqueur, sandalwood, heliotrope, amber bourbon and for many is the best perfume for women there.

Christian Dior J’adore L’absolu Eau de Parfum

scents for ladies women girls 20 years


Christian Dior J’adore
$92.81 (*At the time of publishing)

Christian Dior J’adore L’absolu is a great smelling perfume that lasts long.

A more intense and lasting version of the legendary J’Adore. It is more floral (damask rose, Sambac jasmine, tuberose) with hints of honey and orange. Your man will surely love this fragrance.

These are our selection of the best perfumes for women to attract men. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best fragrances for ladies to attract gentlemen. Do come back and tell us your experience in the comments. We also encourage you to share this content with friends and family.

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