Best Windows Phone apps to download music – mp3 downloader


Want to download a bit of good music on your new smartphone? Here are some of the best MP3 Downloader for Windows Phone. Read the list and download what you like.

What are the best apps to download free music on Windows Phone? There are an impressive amount of applications available at Windows Phone Store that allow you to download music free. However, most of them come with poor content or simply a cluster of invasive advertising, put there just to make up the numbers and mislead users.
Sifting through the length and breadth of the Store in the end we found these five free applications, awarded by users with excellent grades in general and downloaded thousands of times.
mp3 downloader for windows phone Important: We remind you that downloading music is illegal, but not in all cases. If you look for an album or a song originally distributed free and not protected by various rights can be sure, but always keep in mind that in most cases the songs are protected by their respective owners.

Now, let’s see what are the best apps available in the category of “MP3 downloader for Windows Phone”. Search, download and get access to thousands of songs on your Windows Phone.

Top apps to download music on Windows Phone free.

MP3 Music Downloader‎

Quite possibly the best application available on Windows Phone Store in the category “MP3 downloads.” It offers many options, a generous amount of tracks (with the cover of the album) and additional information on songs. MP3 Music Downloader allows you to download mp3 music and songs online with no limits. Mp3 Music Downloader is able to search and download mp3 music from public domain via public search engines. The app is quite simple and easy to use.

Music Download Unlimited

Music Download Unlimited, as the name implies, allows you to download unlimited free legal music. You can easily discover, play and download unlimited free music on Windows Phone. It is a very good program and works really well.

Music from SoundCloud

Music Plus is a free service that lets you listen to streaming, online and offline, your favorite music from SoundCloud. The service allows you to perform searches by artist, song, or playlist group and find songs recommended through the Featured section.


Another great app to download free music on Windows Phone, unlimited and legal. This application provides unlimited streaming music from a catalog that includes tens of millions of songs. If you like, you can download them to save on the SD card for playing offline. You also have the option to discover new songs divided by artist and album with the charts of the songs most listened.

Free MP3 Downloader

Good application, easy to use and with a good amount of songs available. With this free app to download music you can listen to music for free streaming and download MP3 files on your Windows Phone. This app also allows the download of a song in the background. Definitely worth trying.

With these apps you can finally go around the city or relax on the sofa at home with good music, without having to worry about connecting the device to the PC or network WIFI. Do you know other useful app to download MP3 files? Share them with us!