Best Mac apps for productivity

Let’s create together the list of the best Mac apps for productivity free!

A Mac can actually be useful if you want to multiply your productivity, but it is still necessary to bring the good applications. Your Macbook or iMac deserves the best tools to improve your productivity and make you save time and energy in your business or daily tasks. Here are some applications that will help you save time and stay productive regardless of time and place.
best mac apps for productivity
Before consulting the following selection, we ask you one thing: think about at least a free application which you could use without spending money. And if you can not find it in the list, share it in the comments.

The best free productivity applications for Mac OS X Yosemite.


Wunderlist is the best tool for you, your team or family for managing lists of tasks. Wunderlist also exists on Windows, Android, and iPhone. So it is possible to synchronize your tasks lists with these platforms. And the amazing thing is that all this is free. Absolutely essential.


Evernote allows you to remember everything on all devices you use. Do not waste your ideas, organize them simply and thus improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, photos, create to-do lists, and while having access through all devices no matter where you are.


With Dropbox, you can store all kinds of files allowing you to synchronize with any mobile or PC that you have. All your files are stored in the cloud and give you easy access to all the files in your account. You can move, delete and upload files directly through the application or open them in a third-party application for editing. An inevitable application.


Social networks have left a little aside to IM clients, but if yours is to use a desktop client you can certainly try Adium. This is a completely free client, highly customizable and supports many instant messaging services and social networks.


Alfred is a keyboard-driven productivity application for your Mac and totally free. Your life will never be the same after you install this perfect keyboard program that will help you launch apps and search your computer as well as the web with great speed. The keyboard shortcuts become your closest ally.

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is a perfect tool for decompressing files on your Mac. By default OS X is capable of decompressing ZIP files without having to install any additional application, but if you need to decompress a RAR file or other system of understanding you need to resort to this application.

iStudiez Lite

iStudiez is a special application applied for students who want to take up on your work, your exams and schedules of all classes. Take control of your schedule and makes iStudiez work for you!


Essential to download all kinds of files using the torrent protocol program. This is a lightweight client that perfectly matches the MAC system.


During the day, you find a lot of information that at that moment you did not assess whether it will be essential for your work or just interesting to read. Pocket solve this dilemma by keeping all pages, videos or images that seem interesting to read in more detail at another time by filtering by content and labels. It’s like having your own personal assistant who kindly cut newspaper articles for you.
These are some of the applications for Mac that we think are essential for any user. Of course, there are many other and each will have their own special character. Do you know any other tool that you want to recommend us? Do not hesitate to write them below.
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