Best Ice Maker Machine & Tips To Choose The Best Ice Maker

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The best ice maker machine and a short guide on how to choose the best ice maker machine.

We all have a fridge at home that also has the ability to make ice, in addition to keeping food fresh. But the fact is that loading trays of water to make ice, preventing them escaping and then ensuring that ice does not take tastes or smells of the fridge, is not easy. So the ice machines are becoming a quality alternative to have a good ice almost immediately, and can even create specialties such as ice slush or mojitos, for example.

However, this guide will help you to understand how to choose the right ice maker according to your needs. After that, you’ll find the best ice maker machines, a selection made with our own experience and experts advice. Happy reading!

How to choose the best ice maker machine?

If you need an ice maker machine for your home or commercial use, there are some things to consider before buying, and to buy an ice machine can be a big expense for you. But do not worry, you can certainly buy a good and worthy ice machine by following this guide.

Determine what type of ice you need.

As we know, the ice is shaped (cube, cylinder, cone) and formless (granular and scaly). And every kind of cold product requires its scope of use and therefore need to be determined based on the specific institution and the application of ice. Ice is usually used for non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. In addition, the restaurants use ice in salad bars and shops to showcase products. Or to cool bottled beers and wine. Nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals often use ice to treat injuries.

So for the bar and drinks fit block and fingerling ice. The shape of this ice has a large surface area that allows the fastest cool drink and quickly melt away. Granular ice is used in bars. It can chew, which gives additional pleasure to visitors of the bar. For salad bars in restaurants that make product demonstrations, as well as in stores, such as the computation of seafood used flake ice.

Determine the amount of ice that you need a day.

If you need more ice then you should consider a machine with more ice production capability. While if you only need the ice for home use, portable ice machine that makes 12-15 kilo ice per day is the best choice. If you need to run a party, the ice bucket under the counter, making ice 40-100 kg / day, is for you. If you have a hotel / restaurant, ice machine that makes ice 150-500 kg / day should be your premium consideration.

Choose the appropriate method of cooling.

Some types of condensation methods of ice making machines. These condensation methods can influence the performance of the ice machine and the total cost of ice making machines. The types most commonly condensation methods adopted are water cooling and air cooling.

The air cooling machine of ice factory has a key advantage of compact structure. It is easy to install and use, while the disadvantage is that it influence the indoor temperature and constant air cleaning fan. On the other hand, Water cooling ice machine has a better cooling performance and not affects the internal temperature.

Consider after-sales service.

The cost of the ice machine is highly conditioned by the component, the type of ice, condensation method. In addition to the adoption of quality components, it is equally important to have a good after sales service. Even if you find a very attractive offer, always ask for a guarantee. The warranty ensures that you do not end up with a product that costs more in repairs than it is worth. Before buying an ice machine ask what guarantees are available with the product and the details of coverage and duration. In conclusion, we want to note that the average length of service of the ice maker in a professional kitchen is from 5 to 8 years.

Decide what additional accessories or items you will need.

If your ice maker is not an independent unit for the storage of ice, then maybe you need storage bin of ice. As an important factor to obtain pure consistency and taste of ice, it is the presence of a water filter. You may need an extra scoop of ice.


Although it may seem unimportant and we have left for the end this is a fundamental point, especially if we are to have the device to the sight. It is best that the ice machine is simple, that manages to go unnoticed but at the same time match the style of your home or business, and above all, that you really like.

What is the best ice maker machine in 2016?

Manitowoc NEO Undercounter Ice Machine

Highlighted Features

– Energy Star® certified.
– Ice Storage: 90 pounds.
– Daily yield: 129 pounds.
– Undercounter or Stand-Alone unit makes the installation easy.

If you need a commercial ice maker, the best machine of this type is the Manitowoc NEO Undercounter Ice Machine. Modern and compact design, excellent performance and professional: this specific ice machine is characterized by the robustness of the structure and its components and also gives professional performances.

The structure is made of stainless steel and the dimensions are on the whole compact, fits into just about any environment. It can produce ice very quickly, which ensures your guests won’t have to worry about running out of ice. This is a great addition to any bar, and its high level of durability ensures that it can withstand even the most demanding conditions. There’s even a “delay” button to halt the ice production for 4, 12, or 24 hours and have the ice ready right before you start the party.
This Manitowoc NEO is for us the best ice maker machine in 2016 and is on sale at a rather high price but proportionate to the performance which is able to offer.

Sunpentown Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer

Highlighted Features

– Makes up to 12 lbs of ice daily.
– Stores up to 6 lbs of ice.
– Reversible door.
– Auto shut-off when ice bin is full.
– No drain required.
– Manual defrost.
– Ice scoop included.

If you are interested in a professional product at an affordable price, our advice is to assess the Sunpentown Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer. This is an economical solution for bars, but it may not be the best decision when it comes to quantity. It is able to produce up to 12 pounds of ice per day, with times of around 10 minutes to obtain the first dose of cubes. However, it’s a great choice for small bars, and it does come with a removable ice bin that holds up to 6 pounds of ice.

EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker

Highlighted Features

– Front venting.
– Built-in or freestanding installation.
– ADA height compliant.
– Auto shut-off when ice bin is full.
– Manual defrost.

This EdgeStar ice cube maker is best for drain-free installation. It has an integrated bin that eliminates the need for a drain line – making it cost-effective and a breeze to install. If you are not a fan of square-shaped ice cubes, you’ll be glad to know that this machine can produce up to 12 pounds of crescent-shaped ice cubes and can hold up to 6 pounds of ice. Its compact design allows you to place it in any number of small spaces. It will work in a wet bar, kitchen, RV, boat or office.

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker

Highlighted Features

– Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker.
– Over-sized Ice bucket holds 2.2 lbs of ice.
– Choice of 3 Ice Cube Sizes.
– Produces 26 lbs of ice per day.
– Make ice in as little as 6 minutes.

If you are wondering which ice machine to buy and your main need, in addition to the production of cubes, it is to have an easily transportable product, we recommend the Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker. Its dimensions are in fact extremely contained but this choice should not be to penalize the amount of production since it can produce up to 26 pounds of ice per day and can hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice. As for ice producing speed, this machine enables you to just wait 6 minutes from power on to when you will have ice.

Whynter IMC-490SS Portable Ice Maker

Highlighted Features

– Makes up to 49 pounds of ice per day.
– Three different ice cube sizes.
– Produces ice in an average of 10 minutes.
– Max Storage Capacity: 2.7 lbs.
– Water Reservoir Capacity: 5.0 L.

The Whynter IMC-490SS ice maker offers the best combination of features you want from a portable device. Positive feedback and satisfied customers, this machine is an excellent appliance with professional performance. Compact design and excellent internal components supported by the use of premium materials. Then add a unique automatic defroster. This machine is capable of producing up to 49 pounds of cubes in the course of 24 hours, with three different sizes: small, medium and large. Depending on the size, it is necessary to wait a period of different time but, in general, ten minutes are sufficient in order to have the ice.

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker

Highlighted Features

– Produces 26 lbs. of ice daily.
– Easy-to-use push button controls.
– Makes fresh ice in as little as 6 minutes.
– Choose from 2 ice sizes.
– Automatic overflow protection.

If you want to make a wise investment in a low-cost but retains a good level of quality, Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker has been rated as the best ice machine for the money, thanks to its processing capacity of ice cubes in their small or large basic sizes. The production process is quite simple, just need to connect the machine, turn it on, fill the tank, select the size of the cube and ready. So it is very easy to use and will not lose much time to set it up to have ice cubes quickly. In fact, the production time is just around 6 minutes, and the water tank is enough to produce 26 pounds of ice and cool your drinks without any problems.

Ivation Portable High Capacity Countertop Ice Maker

Highlighted Features

– Convenient, compact, and incredibly fast.
– Sleek Performance-Oriented Design.
– 3 Selectable Cube Sizes.
– Removable Tray for Easy Ice Transfer.
– Digital Control.

It is a machine capable of generating up to 26.5 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period, thanks to its design that allows ice cubes at three different sizes, which is very useful to use different sizes of glasses and cool different types of beverages. It offers a high level of speed in generating ice, which is a fundamental requirement in this type of equipment. Once you have connected, begin the process of freezing water and ten minutes you will have a new batch of cubes, so it is ideal for a meeting between friends or with family. So you can manipulate comfortably, it includes a simple panel where you can turn on or off the machine and select the operating stage, whether you go to add water, or request generating cubes. For all this, it has been ranked as the best ice machine.

What is your favorite ice making machine?

These are our selection of the best ice maker machines for different needs. Do you agree with this list? Want to add some other models? Let us know your opinions and your favorite models of ice making machines. Your suggestions will help us to make this selection better. Thank you.
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