Best Huawei P9 Cases : Protect Huawei P9 and keep it new and Shiny for long

The best Huawei P9 cases buying guide; protect the latest Android smartphone from Huawei.

Already purchased or have decided to buy a Huawei P9? Congratulations, because you have made an excellent decision. Huawei P9 is definitely one of the best smartphones of 2016. It comes with an elegant design, top quality hardware, improved performance and battery life, and high professional and cutting-edge cameras. This manufacturer of Chinese Android smartphone has managed to become the third in the global mobile device market after Samsung and Apple, and this mainly due to the high rate of innovation and power that brings with its top of the range smartphone, among other things sold at very affordable prices.

Overall, it’s a great looking Huawei smartphone, and that’s why it’s important to protect it! Indeed, mobile phones are very thin for their design, and all are too fragile and likely to break on being scratched or severely damaged after a fall or after a collision. The best way to prevent your phone from scratches and scuffs is using a case.

Therefore, from NextToTry, and as we have done with other devices such as Google Nexus 9, the LG G5, or the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE, we recommend some of the best Huawei P9 cases to protect the great design of your device from possible falls or damage. Here is our list of the best cases for Huawei P9.

Best cases for Huawei P9 to protect it and keep it new and Shiny for long.

Soft TPU Case for Huawei P9

best cases for Huawei P9
This case for Huawei P9 is highly recommended. It is a very good choice if you do not want to spend a lot in covers for your terminal, but expect some quality. It fits perfectly to Huawei P9 and also has a very good feel to the touch as it is very soft. This cover is made entirely of TPU and has enough of reinforced edges despite showing very thin. The cuts are made in a very precise way to leave only discovered the essential. Plus we have a ledge on the front that prevents damage to the smartphone in case fell upside down. This case is thick and remarkably low weight.
Buy Soft TPU Case for Huawei P9 ($7.95)

Huawei P9 Soft TPU Case Transparent

best huawei p9 cases protection
If you want to protect your Huawei P9 without changing the design of the device, this transparent cover in silicone, which is also flexible, is one of the best options you can choose. This rubberized case provides good grip and sense of touch. The cover does not add anything bulky to the smartphone and it is resistant to shock, scratches, and tears. There is also a ledge on the front not to do damage when it rests upside down. The side buttons are covered by additional keys to prevent dust and dirt accumulation.
Buy Huawei P9 Soft TPU Case Transparent ($6.99)

TPU Gel Case – Slim Design

huawei p9 covers top quality cases
Terrapin case for Huawei P9 is another great choice for those who don’t like the bulky cover to protect their device, looking for a simple, elegant and robust protection for their smartphone. Nevertheless, thanks to its edges reinforced able to protect Huawei P9 very satisfactorily. In addition, we also have holes very precise as you may have already noticed. Despite strengthening this Huawei P9 case is still very thin and has excellent adhesion. This housing can protect well your phone and will keep its brand new condition for life.
Buy TPU Gel Case With Slim Design ($7.95)

HUAWEI P9 Stand Case

HUAWEI P9 Stand Case hard case
If you want the greatest degree of absolute protection, then you should definitely choose a heavy duty armor hard case for Huawei P9. As you can see, this cover is super reinforced and manages to resist the device even the hardest impacts. The cover is formed by three layers which are assembled: two for the rear part of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, respectively, and another for the lower part which also protects in case of frontal falls. On the back, there is also a sliding foot that allows you to place the phone horizontally and then to act as a cover to stand for watching media files and more. In addition, you will have 7 different colors to choose from, among which you are getting gray, black, blue, gold, red, silver, and of course, the fashion color, and rose gold.
Buy HUAWEI P9 Stand Case ($8.98)

Leather Wallet Flip Cover

Terrapin Huawei P9 Lite Leather Case Wallet Flip Cover Ultra Slim Fit Viewing Stand Card Slots
Are you looking for a flip cover for Huawei P9? This lite leather cover is for you. It is made of leather with excellent finishing and with a very original look. It protects well against shocks and has a hole for the front speaker that lets you talk on the phone even without opening the front cover. Another great feature is the ability to bend and make it work as support to guide smartphone horizontally and watch such as multimedia files. And the features do not end here because this cover can also be used as a wallet. It has two compartments inside to insert cards and banknotes.
Buy Leather Wallet Flip Cover ($11.95)
These are, for now, some of the best cases available in the market for Huawei P9. Now, as always, if you know a better option, we encourage you to let us in the comments below. What is your favorite cover for Huawei P9?

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