Best GPS App For Android Free: Discover the Top Apps

We offer a selection of the best GPS app for Android free to turn your Android into a real personal navigation device (PND).

GPS applications have become widely used in everyday apps. There are so many GPS applications available for free at Play Store that can help you to go where you want. And before you go on holiday, it is batter to download a good GPS application on your Android. We offer you the top of the best GPS app for Android free. With them, you no longer have any excuse for getting lost on the country roads.
best GPS app for Android Most Android GPS apps also have community features that allow users to help each other.

The best free navigation apps for Android.

Google Maps

Undeniably, Google is the best search engine in the world. But it also helps you in the field of map navigation, and you will not find better than Google Maps in order to find a place. On your Android, this service becomes portable. The application has many options that can flatter you: guided navigation by voice, street views, real-time traffic information, inside maps and many custom features.

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Probably the best GPS app for Android available on Google Play. Waze works with the help of its users. Although most roads are already drawn, you will help to update them while driving. In this way, maps are updated in real time and you can view their presence on the road. Thus, your routes are updated constantly to offer the shortest and least-trafficking routes. Cheapest service stations or the voice guide will make the application your ultimate driving companion. Aesthetically, Waze is rather nice and simple without trying to offer 3D effects when navigating.

Nokia HERE

Nokia HERE has many qualities with a very clear interface, accurate, and a recent mapping. It is possible to use this GPS app without any data connection. You just have to create a Nokia account to download the audio guide or the local mapping on the device. Very easy to use.

GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD

This application provides comprehensive services and allows navigation GPS in Offline mode by storing maps on your phone. You will find a lot of information as a variety of points of interest around you. The addition of the address system is also well thought since you needle in the prediction of the place. The interface is not the most elegant but it is easy enough to understand.

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

Sygic GPS Navigation and Maps is one of the most popular on Google Play Store. The application offers many high-quality cards, decorated with many features that make the navigation easier and faster. As it is able to be used without connection, you will need to download the maps you want. A major benefit of this application is free updating maps and points of interest (restaurants, petrol stations, etc.).

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot is a very effective GPS Navigator for Android that will give you the best routes. You can use this GPS Navigation app offline. For this, you will need to download them to your Android phone or tablet. It also includes points of interest to show you hotels and restaurants for instance. Very easy to use.

MapFactor: GPS Navigation

MapFactor: GPS Navigation offers you to download free and collaborative OpenStreetMap maps to lead you to your destination. It is very accurate, regularly updated, and even offers an extremely convenient offline search service. TomTom Business cards are also available for purchase as an option. Note that there is a truck version of the application that allows trucks, vans and caravans to know the height of underpasses or the ability of some bridges.
The best car GPS navigation systems 2016.
We hope that our top 7 helped you find your best GPS app on Android. If you hesitate between all these applications, remember that they are all free and you can test them to make up your own mind. What is your favorite free GPS application? Do you know any other free navigation app for Android? If your favorite GPS app for Android is not listed, please share it with us!

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