Best Games for Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 EDGE


A list of the 10 best games for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE, Samsung’s two new flagships in the family of Galaxy series, are more than mere phones, they are gaming machine. No, they are not going to replace your Xbox 360, PlayStation or Nintendo 3DS, but for gaming on the go, they got all the features you could need or want.

best games for galaxy s7 and s7 edge

Both galaxy s7 & s7 edge has a high-end GPU (Mali-T880) capable of playing any video game available for smartphones with the settings to the maximum and with fluidity unmatched. Already bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 EDGE? Then hold on tight and get ready to be thrilled with the beauty of the games we’re going to offer.

Let’s get familiar with our choice list of the 10 best games for Galaxy s7 & Galaxy s7 edge.

Modern Combat 5

If you want to test how well the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE can handle blockbuster first-person-shooter action, Modern Combat 5 is the right choice. This high-octane military shooter offers fluid controls, customizable characters, and, perhaps most importantly, wonderfully detailed environments and realistic lighting effects. You’ll never have so much fun watching stuff blow up.


Aboard on your ship and let the winds carry you in a procedurally generated world, and explore each piece of land to look for useful materials to building up your ship. Be careful, though, because your wealth will appeal to many pirates who roam the neighborhood and will attempt to take what’s rightfully yours. Get ready to defend your belongings from their nails and teeth.

The Walking Dead

You can not miss a game of The Walking Dead series. This is a must-have game for fans of the TV series, and for those who purchase one of the new Galaxy S7 series thanks to its graphics and the narrative style that characterizes the titles of this genre.

Heroes Reborn: Enigma

Leverage your jumping ability over time, telekinesis and the temporal manipulation to survive the 30 levels in which you’ll come to find. But you must be very adept at escape from the place in which you are segregated as a hostage and save your sister. If you love adventures in first person, this game will entertain you for a while.

Corridor Z

In Corridor Z you have to run the best way you know to save your life. Three young men were trapped in a high school together with a horde of zombies. The only possibility of not being attacked is to run and put things as difficult as possible to the zombies so they do not reach. The good news is that along the way you can use different tools and weapons to achieve the objectives.


How high can you build your tower? Press on the screen with the right timing to stop the blockade in place and do not shrink. With well chosen sound effects, dreamlike graphics and simple but addictive gameplay, this game is a feast for the eyes on the 2K display of the new Galaxy.

Dark Echo

Sound, intuition and a dark beauty, Dark Echo does not need more ingredients to be one of the best games for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE. In Dark Echo, you will have to survive through 80 levels, defending only the sound and your intuition. This game will make you live a unique experience where you will explore and solve crossroads in a threatening environment.

Splash Cars

The world is all gray and with your machine you will need to return the color everywhere. This is a very fun game that will make you appreciate even more thanks to the Super AMOLED display of the new Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE.


Dual is a game that tests your skills and those of your friends, allowing multiplayer games through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Just get in front of your friend and your smartphone and see the magic of couch gaming. You have two game modes available: a competitive called “duel” and other cooperative called “defense”. The fun is beyond question. Dual will use your Galaxy S7 or S7 EDGE as if it were a board game, thanks to your screen size and processor power.

Dungeon Hunter 5

The fifth installment of the popular series of games Dungeon Hunter. In this hack-and-slash adventure game, you will visit the depths of a fantasy world to hunt down monsters and villains. The game includes a campaign for a player in which you will visit five different kingdoms, also includes cooperative gameplay to recruit friends or other players also have five elements to master, making your own equipment, etc. Enjoy Dungeon Hunter 5 on your Samsung Galaxy S7 is a real joy.

So, that was our selection of the games you should download on galaxy s7 & s7 edge. But, what’s yours? Please, use the discussion form below to share your favorite games for galaxy s7 series.