The best FTP client for Android free


Transferring files between a web server and a computer is a task that most people use every day. Therefore we bring you the 5 best FTP client for Android, so you can work stably and with various functions.

Smartphone and tablet devices, especially with Android OS, have become a portable computer in our hand, with increasingly advanced capabilities. A developer can easily code, do programming, develop a website on the go. For many reasons we need to access, download or upload important documents or files no matter where we are are. That’s where an FTP client or FTP app for a mobile device comes very handy. By using an FTP client on Android smartphone or tablet allows accessing files from anywhere in the world.
best FTP client for Android
The main advantage of an FTP server is that it is easy to manage from your own home and not have to pay a fee to access it. The capacity is limited to the capacity of the hard disk and thanks to these servers; you have access to data on your computer virtually any time.

There are several choices if you’re looking for a good FTP client cabinet, most of them are free, and each will have different functions that will suit all types of users. Here we compiled a list of the best free Android FTP client servers. Check them out below and choose the one that suits you best.

Turn your Android phone into an FTP server with these free clients.

AndFTP (your FTP client)

AndFTP client is the first choice for many users of Android. Its main advantages are its option to connect to multiple FTP servers simultaneously, easily copy files to your phone and document explorer. This app supports FTPS, SCP, SFTP and FTP protocols, the latter with different configurations. The program promotes the remote connection to a PC or other device, so keep up to date (anywhere) web pages included in your space.

FtpCafe FTP Client

Another good Android FTP client is FtpCafe which is characterized by a highly professional. Supported protocols are FTP, FTPS and SFTP. The main advantages of the application are the multiple transfers of files and folders and a simple and clean interface can filter the essentials.


An alternative FTP client if the first two do not be convinced. The Free version has all features enabled, but has a PRO version that removes the advertising of the program. Its functions include the ability to rename files, download and upload recursively, to open files, manage permissions and more.

Turbo FTP client & SFTP client

Turbo FTP is another top pick among the Android FTP client apps. The maintenance of the server has never been so fast moving, for a clean interface from any kind of advertising, work on files stored locally or remotely, security at the top thanks to the encrypted passwords and specific optimization for tablet.

FTP Express

You can also try this free client. The software presents itself immediately with an intuitive tabbed interface, giving users a convenient opportunity to work on the memory card and create links to websites in the main screen.

Do you use FTP client on your smartphone to upload or download files? What is the best FTP client you think? Let us know your valuable opinion in the discussion form below.