Best free online video editors to create your movies in the cloud

Let’s look at the best free online video editors to create and edit videos directly from your browser.

There are many free video editors for Windows and Mac to edit videos. But you have to download and install them and use most disk space. But you should not worry about that! There are also some free online video editors to editing videos online, they are so perfect.
Most users prefer to use the online video editing software to edit videos without having to download or install anything. Online video editing tools offer you the flexibility of use. You can use them anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. In this way, you can save space on your hard drive – no longer have to save a lot of files on your computer. They are very good alternatives to offline applications because they offer you a wide variety of functions.

Let’s look at some free online video editing software. Here is a list of the 5 best free online video editors, easy to use and yet with great potential to work tailored to your needs. Are you ready?


best free online video editors WeVideo is an excellent free online video editing software. It allows you to edit and create stunning videos from any computer. The service offers a number of useful features to edit your videos. WeVideo is designed for all types of users who need a platform to edit videos and upload them to the Internet to share with the world. The interface is very easy and you can easily know the functions and operations of the software. It is very easy to use. WeVideo also allows you to collaborate with other project members and share the online material. This is one of the best free online video editors for folks on the go or for virtual collaborators.


Masher is a more comprehensive online video editor. It provides tools for creating professional-looking videos from almost any knowledge without editing. Besides basic tools, you have a number of effects to give a plus to your recording. The application offers pre-made elements production or you can start from scratch.

Video ToolBox

online video editor video toolbox Video ToolBox is a free tool for editing video for all Internet users. Just create an account you can start your work. With ToolBox, you can merge files automatically or use the editing tools offered by the application. The application can also capture video from your camera; the video quality depends on the Internet connection.


Want a platform similar to professional editing without being complicated? Loopster is an online app that makes it easier to work without compromising quality. Loopster is arranged as professional editing software, with more than just the basic tools, but without being complicated. Work with multiline editing, for more complex projects.

FileLab Video Editor

filelab video editor Another free online video editor that emphasizes ease of use. With FileLab Video Editor, you can create videos using recordings, photos, music, text, effects and much more. The final results can be downloaded in different formats, depending on the use you want to give: From recordings in high-quality videos to watch on mobile devices. FileLab Video Editor works only on the Windows platform.


Animoto is oriented presentations that combine images and videos by following a preset theme. It is a good tool if you need to expose your products and services or introduce without losing too much time editing with a fairly professional finish. One of the best free online video editors.

YouTube Video Editor

Youtube Video Editor YouTube offers its own editor which is simple and practical. With this free online video editing software, you can crop and merge several videos (and images) that you upload to your account. It also lets you add transitions, effects, and basic but useful titles. you can even stabilize the camera movement. It is very easy to learn and use.
All these online video editing software are free and require no knowledge to be used, only the desire to create cool videos with your recordings. Have you ever used editing in the cloud? Do you know any other interesting free online video editors? Tell your experience in the comments. Thank you.

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