Best Endless Running Games Android Free Download

A selection of the best endless running games Android free download that let you spend endless hours.

Google Play has tons of different types of games that let you spend endless hours with your Android smartphone and tablet devices, but one of the most popular are the endless runner or endless race. This kind of game is one of the most downloaded and is characterized by easy games. Just move your fingers on the smartphone screen to the left or right and collect points during the tour. To win this kind of game you must have good reflexes to avoid, in the right time, the obstacle that is encountered during the run. If you are passionate about this type of game, we offer below a list of the best endless running games for Android to spend hours running with your smartphone.
Best Endless Running Games Android Free Download

In this list, we see the best endless runner games for Android, which are strictly free to download.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a retro-styled rhythm-based runner game in which you will have to control a square that must reach the end of several levels dodging lots of obstacles along the way. You need to jump, fly and flip at the right times to avoid the various obstacles. However, usually, these jumps have to be measured to the nearest millimeter or will crash and have to repeat the level from the beginning. This is a very challenging game where skill and reflexes are essential if you are to be victorious. This is easy to play but very hard to master.

Looney Tunes Dash

Looney Tunes Dash is another Android endless runner game, in which you will play with your favorite characters from the Warner Bros. series. You will run tirelessly with the different characters in the series to overcome the different levels as you move from one lane to another dodging object that stands in your way. You will see nothing really new here when it comes to gameplay, the awesome Looney Tunes universe makes this game one that many will enjoy playing. You start as Bugs Bunny, and, once you advance throughout levels, you’ll be able to play as other characters. You’ll discover various power-ups that will help you get there faster or increase your score while silly remarks and colorful outfits provide extra fun.

The Pit

The Pit is the most challenging representative of this genre, and here you can survive if you are skillful enough. You must make the character jump and duck at the right time. Your characters run towards an endless field full of random obstacles, so you’ll barely have time to catch your breath – unless, of course, you die and don’t want to play again. The Pit has beautiful graphics and addictive replay factor.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 and the predecessor, Temple Run, is perhaps the most famous and most successful game of this type. Temple Run 2 with spectacular 3D graphics is a game where an Indiana Jones type adventurer should run along a tortuous path having to jump or stoop to avoid falling or bumping into a stone. The character runs without stopping or slowing down so the player has to rub his/her finger down, up, right or left to make it move, jump, and stoop at the right times. The game is all based on the reflexes and the ability to focus on seeing the traps. Do you think you get very far?

Aby Escape

Aby Escape is a true gem of endless runner Android games. This is a very fascinating and beautiful game in 3d graphics. The protagonist is a raccoon who needs to run on route 66 and save himself from hunters, cyclists and police officers. Using your finger on the screen you have to dodge the bad guys and jump traps during the race. The game is not infinite, but at levels, each with different challenges and new items and power-ups to unlock. Aby Escape is a fun game that can give you quite a lot of hours of fun.


Vector is one of the most spectacular Android endless running games. In a society where individual freedom is nothing more than a distant dream, an individual will have to escape for freedom. Thus, he must cross the city at full speed through roofs and buildings. Run, jump, slide and climb using extraordinary techniques based on the sport of urban ninja Parkour while being chased by “Big Brother” whose sole purpose is to capture him and bring him back. One of the most interesting elements of this game is the graphics, coupled with an impressive gameplay.

Barrier X

Barrier X is a game of skill and quick reflexes, where the main thing is the incredible realism of the feeling of extreme speed. This game puts you to fly through three-dimensional scenarios full of obstacles. To unlock the next stage, you need to survive for at least 30 seconds. The control scheme is simple. Just tap the right or left side of the screen to change the ship’s direction. There are only three virtual tracks by which the vehicle can ride, so be careful not to get stuck in a corner.

Angry Gran Run – Running Game

Our grandmother was imprisoned in the Angry Asylum by Fred agent. She’s plotting her escape and you are the only one who can guide her through the streets once arrested out! For this, you need to run, jump, dash and slide over and around tons of different and WACKY obstacles in this exciting game of infinite runner game! The punks are back! Bash them out of the way and grab coins to clean up the streets once and for all!

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is another classic in endless race style with intense gameplay and great graphics. Its goal is to run between train tracks and cars, collecting coins and some special items that increase the power of the main character. There are several characters who can lead the endless race of Subway Surfers, and items that can be purchased in the game store. The running speed gradually increases, and can be up to 8 times faster than at the start of the game.


NinJump is not a typical endless runner game, like a real life ninja you need to jump from wall to wall in a continuous attempt to climb as high as possible. The gameplay is very simple: your character will start climbing up one side of the building automatically, and every time you press the screen to jump to the other side hitting in the air. In this way, you have to go dodging various obstacles that appear on each wall and blocking the attacks of your enemies.

The above-mentioned games were chosen and tested carefully by the editors of NextToTry. The aim of the collection is to provide a complete picture of the best Android endless running games to install on your Android smartphone, they can guarantee many hours of entertainment without a hitch. Now we want to hear from you. Let us know your best runner games through the comment section below and help us to complete this list. Your comments will help other Android users to know the best endless running games Android. Thank you.

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