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A perfect call recorder for Android allows you to record conversation of an ongoing call. Check out our list of the best Android call recording app and choose the one that fits your need.

Maybe in more than one occasion you’ve wanted to record a voice call you receive on your android phone. The reasons may be many, for example you do not remember anything, want to prove something or other less ethical reasons. Be whatever reason that motivates you to record a call. If your phone does not have this function, you can install an application to fulfill this task. For this reason, we have made a selection of the best call recorder for Android, all free and excellent performance. Let’s check.

Checkout and download the best free Android call recording app.

Call Recorder – ACR

best free call recorder for android

Call Recorder – ACR is a very useful application for anyone who needs to record calls for one reason or another. Its operation is simple and convenient. This application has wide range of features that make it a very versatile app. You can record all outgoing and incoming calls and can set them according to date and time. From the application settings you can choose the folder where you want to store the audio file and the format in which you want to save. Also you can set password on your recordings. If you are recording your connections, obviously they have their importance and therefore you also do not want anyone to have access to them. Place a password helps protect your privacy and also the other person standing in line.

Call Recorder

best Android call recording app

The Call recorder is also very popular among Android users. This application offers a very convenient way to record and manage calls on your device. Call Recorder is able to record your calls automatically while calling. Besides being able to save an MP3 recording on SD Card, Call Recorder has a high level of management, allowing you to sort the recordings by time, date and names. The only downside is that this application supports devices with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher.

Automatic call recorder

automatic call recorder for andorid

Automatic call recorder is a reliable and free call recorder for Android. With this app you can automatically record your calls and listen anytime. You do not need to press any button to as it records all calls automatically. You can change the settings if you don’t want to record all incoming and outgoing calls. You have the ability to select between records all calls, only calls from numbers that are not registered on your contacts list or from selected contacts. You must also choose which type of format you want to save the recordings. You can choose between 3GP, AMR or WAV. To avoid problems when playing it on other computers or devices will choose WAV. You can share the recordings in the most popular social networks. Grab it now to enjoy its features.

Record My Call

Record My Call is another best call recorder for android. It is very simple and useful application that can record calls with accuracy and speed. This application lets you record your telephone conversations in MP3 format and share them easily, quickly and conveniently. Just enable the application from the setup menu and it will automatically record all outgoing and incoming calls in Android. All recorded calls are saved on the SD card of your smartphone. This application does exactly what it says, but also offers many configuration options. You can access the application settings and enable or disable it to your liking. All options are very clear and easy to understand, so you will not have trouble understanding the options. You can sync your recordings with Google Drive and can protect them with password. Record My Call is a very complete application; the only downside is that it does not work correctly with some phones.

Galaxy Call Recorder

call recorder for Android lollipop

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, know that the Galaxy Call Recorder is the ideal choice for you. This application is recording the conversation using the standard Android API. So it is virtually compatible with all major high-end Samsung devices. This application is also compatible with other manufacturer’s devices. For other devices, this app uses the microphone to capture audio, so you must enable high speaking time to receive or make calls. The Galaxy Call Recorder also allows recordings to be saved in SD card, Dropbox and Google Drive.
So it was our selection of the 5 best free call recorder for android. There are more applications available at Google Play to record your calls, but these are the most used apps. If you know other options, be sure to share your opinion through comments. Do you like this list? If you liked this page, don’t forget to share it with your friends on social networks. Thank you.
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