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Heading back to work, or just need a pump for the occasional bottle of milk? Here’s a selection of the best breast pumps in 2016 – top rated manual and electric breast pumps for moms.

A breast pump is a must for mothers who would like to breastfeed their infants even when they’re away. If you want someone else to feed the baby while you’re busy working or left home, milk pump can be of great help. The breast pump is one of the best gifts for moms who had to left the baby with someone else.

Thousands of women extract milk with breast pumps. And their need may be different depending on the specific and personal circumstances of each mother and child. Given the wide range of maternal breast pump on the market, we have conducted an investigation and select the best breast pumps on the market (both electric and manual).

Below you will find the best breast pump reviews that should help to chose your maternal milk extractor.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote review

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump


This is the best breast pump for travel.
Very Sturdy and durable pump.
Has consistency of suction power.
Come in various sizes to cater to all mothers.
Accessories are easily available online and in stores.
Light enough to be used with hands-free pumping bras.


The pumps adaptor needs to be brought along since it runs on electricity from a power source.
The entire kit is pretty heavy.
Most PISAs are attached to the bag so you need to bring the entire bag along.
Open pumping system means that the milk may back up into tubes if your milk flow is heavy.
Tubes which come into contact with milk need to be immediately sterilized and occasionally inspected for mold.

Medela is the flagship brand in the field of breast pumps. This brand is committed to the highest quality at all levels, and, for this reason, their safe, comfortable and durable products are market leaders.
Medela Pump in Style Advanced is one of the best electric breast pumps on the market. It has already won the heart of many women for its quality, design, and easy to use method. This electric extractor of maternal milk is a product able to mimic the movements of baby sucking. It comes with a double electric pump with integrated suitcase to carry and designed for moms who pump several times a day. Note that this is a very quiet model, making it perfect for those mothers that peace of mind. It is one of the top rated maternal breast pumps on the market and this is because it provides a great comfort to all those mothers who use it. This Medela breat pump does not cause pain or discomfort in the nipple during extraction. It is an ideal choice for mothers.

Medela Breast pump review

Medela Breastpump Swing


The possibility of double pumping.
Gentle two-phase system of milk collection with multiple levels of settings.
Quiet operation.
It is running from the network and batteries.


Not detected.

Another great electric breast pumps for mothers from the company Medela. This pump weighs less than a kilo (one pound) and takes up very little space. It is very easy to use, cheap and cheerful. This product is suitable for women who want the convenience of an electric pump. This electric breast pump comes with 2-Phase Expression technology that can reduce the extraction time. It is ideal for both sporadic and daily extractions. Comes with a pinch of the bottle to prevent spills and has a clip to turn it to your belt when you’re using. This electric and compact breast milk extractor can also be used with batteries. Note that this is a BPA-free model, a model suitable for both occasional and frequent extractions. It is perfect to help mothers relieve engorgement. Lengthens over time milk production.

Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort best Breast Pump review 2016

Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump


One-button operation.
Compact, lightweight framework.
Petal massager with a velvety surface.
Nipple and bottle included.


The high price (compared to other single electric models).
Considerable noise at work.

Philips has developed a structure in which a woman does not have to lean forward during the pumping process. A woman can express her milk Thanks to its special design, even sitting or standing with a flat back (not leaning). This allows her to relax, and three variants of pumping options to increase the effectiveness of the task. Extensive accessories allow for a long time not to worry about buying accessories for feeding.

Best Breast Pumps Manual and Electric Breast Pumps for Moms

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump


Reliable and simple mechanism.
Availability of spare parts.
Massage system unique to breast pad.


Not detected.

“A breast pump designed with intelligence,” say moms. Philips Avent is a simple and functional milk extractor. This great manual breast pump with massager cushion provides a comfortable posture when removing the milk because of its unique design. It is a perfect model to stimulate milk letdown as well as the natural flow smoothly. Made with BPA-free materials, has an ergonomic pump that can be easily operated with one hand. It is a portable, compact, lightweight and easy to use. Significantly, it is perfectly compatible with other food products brand. It allows smooth and easy removal for the mother. It has a travel case.

best manual breast pump breast milk extractor 2016

MAM Breast Pump Manual


Comfortable to use.
Comes with a great kit.
Easy to assemble.
Innovative features.


A bit fiddly to disassemble.

Another great example of manual breast pump. Like all other manuals breast pumps, it is very simple to use, very intuitive and allows you to be disassembled and cleaned in a few moves. This manual milk extractor is equipped with a tilt adjustment mechanism of the suction cup, and, thanks to the nubs, it adheres well to the skin creating a kind of vacuum that simplifies the suction operations. The milk flows so easily because you keep a little pressure and it is not necessary to continuously operate the pump during extraction. This breast pump comes with two containers of different capacity, a convenience if you want to do some of stocks for the fridge ready right away, without having to buy other items. This model is appreciated and reviewed by many mothers, thanks to the good quality materials.

Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump


Pump both breasts simultaneously.
Breast cushions are soft and gentle on the breast.
Simple to use.
Easy to clean.
Fast, efficient, can also be used as a single pump.
BPA-free materials.
Can be powered by batteries.


When double expressing you’re holding two bottles with one arm while the other arm and hand operate the controls (a common problem with all double pumps).

Among the best-selling electric breast pumps, we find this model which literally is selling like hotcakes because of certain characteristics that make it very versatile and convenient to use.
It allows the double contemporary draw because it is equipped with two pumps to express milk. It has a capacity of interesting sucking, which means reduced time to make good daily stocks. Finally, it is equipped with batteries that allow it to run a little anywhere without having to be connected to the electrical outlet.
It features the standard cup, but it is always wise to make sure it is compatible with the shape of your breasts. It is easy to coordinate with the other products of the same brand, so bags for freezing milk bottles that easily turn into baby bottles to manipulate avoiding too threatening to contaminate the milk. This model works with two pumps for a simultaneous draw from both breasts, comfortable to hang up, it lets take a relaxed position during the session without having to hold the pumps. It is definitely another quality product, which is distinguished from the models sold at low prices especially for its greater speed combined with a good level of comfort.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump


Convenient system of pumping.
Ergonomic handle with a soft noiseless progress.
Removable membrane attached.


Silicone pad on the funnel is not anatomically.
As no standard nipples – will have to buy separately.

Medela is one of the few brands that have a range of cups of different sizes, allowing you to find one that perfectly fits with the size of the nipple, a key determinant for the success of the draw and then a peaceful use of the breast pump at most of its functions. This best-selling Breast Pump works to produce more milk in less time with “2-Phase Expression” technology. This system allows you to set a slow or fast pace of pumping that allows the woman to adjust the machine to fit your needs. And it comes with a convenient stand to prevent spills.

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump


Racking of two breasts.
A two-phase system of work.
Electronic memory pumping rhythm.
Backlit display.
The largest range of accessories, including a cooler bag.


The price.

This electronic breast pump is claimed to be the smallest and also the most effective. Indeed, the electrical unit is very compact and lightweight, and the milk collection occurs very rapidly (in comparison with other per unit time), both of one breast and the two simultaneously. The LCD display shows the main characteristics of the pumping process and allows the backlight to control it during the night. Unfortunately, the high price makes this unit is unaffordable for many moms.

These are our selection of the best breast pumps for you. Have you found the best breast pump perfect for you? Surely yes. Also, it is very important to wash and sterilize the bottles you bought to feed your baby. To help you, we reviewed the best baby bottle sterilizers. Check out the page, and if you want, choose the one that suits you. Also, see our selection of the best anti-cholic baby bottles BPA-free. Let us know your thoughts in the comment.

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