If you are looking for the highest image quality for your movies then you need a Blu-Ray player. Here are some of the Best Blu Ray Players in 2016 for your consideration.

If you are thinking of bringing home all the excitement of Oscar night, enjoying the magic of the best audio and video in 3D like in theaters but directly into your living room, then you need a Best Blu Ray Player (3D). Let us see some of the best Blu-Ray players that currently offer the best value for money. See all the details below.

Panasonic DMP-BDT360

Best Blu Ray Player 2015Panasonic DMP-BDT360 is the Best Blu Ray Player in 2015, in our opinion. It offers some great features that guarantee quality performance and user satisfaction. This player has everything you need. It is compatible with 3D movies, has the option of up scaling your videos to 4K, connects wireless Internet and you can also use it to surf the web or watch Youtube or Vimeo videos.
The technology is supported in a position to return a video and audio quality of High Definition for those files that do not have this feature. So, even the old DVDs can be seen in the house with a sharpness of detail extremely vivid.
It has the input for CD and DVD, plus the ability to connect directly to hard drive or thumb drive via USB, thus able to handle the data transmission. The only downside is the SD port, which is missing.
This player can read almost all the popular formats, most of the audio / video codecs are supported by default. It connects to your TV or home theater system via optical output HDMI, so you can easily implement the performance of this player with other appropriate accessories to transform the house into a 3D room.
Buy Panasonic DMP-BDT360 Player ($109.95)

Best Blu Ray Player LG BP540

LG BP540 3D Blu-Ray playerThis is another Best Blu Ray Player (3D) from the company LG, who is famous for its high-performance technology and consumer satisfaction. This player can read almost all the media formats, from CD to DVD, in addition to clear Blu-ray discs and supports for audio / video in 3D quality. Even the most popular formats are easily accessible thanks to technology that can read data from any support returning a superior playback quality through upscaling.
Want to enjoy your favorite movie without disturbing those around you? It also provides a Private Sound Mode that lets you wireless send the audio to your smartphone, and then listen over your headphones.
Buy LG BP540 3D Blu-Ray ($159.00)

Sony BDPS5500

Sony BDPS5500 3D Blu-Ray PlayerThis product from Sony combines good performance, compact design, and an especially attractive price.
The player returns a quality 3D also supports 2D and do not possess it, improving the quality of our favorite movies. Supported technology improves the color depth, making vivid full details of films and giving a performance at high levels. It is compatible with most video and audio codec supports Dolby TRUE HD and DTS-HD.
The ability to connect the device to all devices connected to the home network, making it a collection center to enjoy the comfort of your couch all files stored a bit everywhere.
Buy Sony BDPS5500 3D Blu-Ray Player ($74.87)

Yamaha BD-S477

Yamaha BD-S477 3D Blu-Ray PlayerEven the Yamaha BD-S477 is packed with interesting features. This is a Blu-Ray with the 3D support that can read all major video file formats, play audio in Dolby TRUE HD, DTS HD and connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi. Also, it includes support for technology Miracast. It has two USB ports.
Buy Yamaha BD-S477 3D Blu-Ray Player ($210.99)

Samsung BD-F5500

Samsung Blu-Ray PlayerWe close this list with one of the bestselling Blu-ray 3D player from Samsung. This model offers attractive features at an affordable price and with latest 3D quality. The video quality is sharp and ultra smooth.
The player connects to your home network via Ethernet connection, being able to play shared files on the TV to which it is connected. Also, you have access to major sites such as YouTube or Facebook.
In addition, Samsung offers the ability to synchronize and operate all their devices via a unique system of connection.
Buy Samsung BD-F5500 3D Blu-Ray Player ($199.99)

This was our ranking of the 5 Best Blu Ray Player (3D). What do you think of all these devices? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below. Thank you.

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