5 Free Apps to Hide Photos on iPhone & iPad with Passcode

Oaky, whatever pictures you want to keep away from the prying eyes, use these best Apps to hide photos on iPhone & iPad for free!

Privacy is a primary concern of those who have a smartphone or tablet since you have photos, videos, emails and other personal data stored in your device. Pictures are something that one could easily get a sneak peak.

Most us have a few images on our phone that we want to hide from others. Especially if you have intrusive friends or relatives that they take the device and without asking permission begin to scroll through the images as if they were the most intriguing thing in the world. So, rather than letting yourself put in an awkward situation better hide those photos on iPhone or iPad.

how to hide photos on iPhone

How to hide photos on iPhone or iPad with password/pincode? Here are the best apps to hide pictures on iOS.

There are several iOS applications on appstore that can easily hide photos on your apple phone or tablet. Some of these apps also hide videos and other personal information. Below the best data protection apps to hide photos and videos. Choose the one that suits you. Note that all of these applications offer a paid version, but the free version will suffice to keep your images.

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is a popular iOS app that can keep your personal photos safe on your iPhone and iPad. This application offers a function to maintain the quality of images when importing your photos. At first open tha app ask for password to chose for later access. The app has two other useful features called “break-in report” and “decoy password”. Brea-in report option secretly takes a photo and log GPS location whenevre someone try to open it. So you would know who was trying to access your private photos.

Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder is a powerful application that allows to secure personal photos and videos with a password. The interesting thing is that the app icon display under the name “My Utilities” (also, access to the application is password protected) folder. The app also capture a photo and the position of those who try to open it. With Best Secret Folder you can uoload private photos on Dropbox, Google Drive or mail/cloud.

Keep Safe Private Photo

Keep Safe is another free app that allows iPhone users to prtoect images in safe. A simple and straightforward app to keep safe by putting photos in an album protected by pincode. Users can take photos within the app and the pictures automatically goes to hidden album. This saves time and effort since you do not have to move photos manually.

Secret Calculator

At first glance, anybody would mistaken this as a simple calculator app. But behind this ordinary icon actually the secret lies. Entering a series of numbers will unlock the app to let access secret files. Along with pics and videos, user can also hide other documents in many formats.

NQ Vault

NQ Mobile Vault application allows users to hide the photos, videos and messages they do not want others to see. Vault makes it easy to fully control over privacy. Newest iOS devices with fingerprint scanner can use touch ID to unlock Valut. Users can also directly saved photos web to vault folder.

Hopefully the photo hiding apps above comes very handy for you. Use them to keep hidden photos and prevent others from looking in your private life or view your personal information.

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