The best apps for BlackBerry Priv Android smartphone


A smartphone of high quality like the BlackBerry Priv should be equipped with excellent applications. Let’s discover together the best apps for BlackBerry PRIV free.

The BlackBerry PRIV is the first BlackBerry smartphone with Android operating system. It is currently one of the most advanced smartphones and there is no better way to take advantage of it with the best BlackBerry PRIV apps at no cost. Here we present the 10 best apps for BlackBerry Priv that you can install on your BlackBerry to make the most of your screen. Enjoy them.
best apps for BlackBerry Priv android

Here are 10 applications that can not be left on your new BlackBerry PRIV, or any other Android smartphone with the latest technology.

ES File Explorer

Do you know that you can create folders and files on Android to recognize different apps? The best way is with a file manager. Our recommendation is ES File Explorer File Manager for Android. It allows you to manage files, copy and paste files and folders to back up and connect to cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. One bright spot for ES File Manager is that it can also extract ZIP and RAR files and connect to devices through OTG.

GSAM Battery Monitor

There are many reasons why a phone can consume the battery power. Android includes its own battery monitor but does not show too much information. Thankfully, there are many good apps available at Google Play Store that can analyze the use of the battery in your device and give you a detailed report. So, you can easily find the apps that consume a lot of battery. Our recommendation is the GSAM Battery Monitor. This is a great tool for monitoring your phone and extends the life of your battery.

Adobe Lightroom

The 18MP camera of the BlackBerry PRIV is considered among the best camera devices in the market. If you are interested in photography and functions that can be performed with the camera you must have an application that allows full benefit. Adobe Lightroom is one of the best apps to adjust and manage photos. The application is free, but you need to use a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.


With 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage with up to 200GB expandable opportunity through MicroSD card, you can store a lot of apps, pictures, video and music on the BlackBerry PRIV, but careful not to let the memory full. You’d better use a cloud storage service to save all these files. Dropbox is our favorite service for such actions since it allows you to store everything you need in a server for loading and unloading.


Evernote is the best application for taking notes. Evernote is a powerful tool to keep notes to help remember tasks. It allows you to create not only traditional notes but multimedia notes with text, pictures, lists, attachments, voice annotations or whatever you need to organize a project. You can save and edit your saved files even without an Internet connection. The idea is to keep the user organized and improve productivity.

Clean Master

The more you use your BlackBerry PRIV, create more trash in your path. And the more useless files accumulating your phone, it will work more slowly. The app Clean Master is an optimization tool that can clean unnecessary files from your phone. Clean Master also frees your memory to run faster. It is a great tool that you should use your phone weekly to function optimally.


VLC is an open source application and is designed to play a wide range of video and audio file formats. Its ability to play the content is great because even allows being played your own music videos in high quality without any problem.

Spotify Music

Are you a lover of music? If you are then Spotify is an excellent choice for your smartphone because you can easily get the latest music with this application. This online music streaming service has a full catalog of millions of songs.

Nova launcher

Android experience would not be the same without using any of the many available launchers. Nova launcher is one of the best launcher apps available at Google Play Store. It lets you customize the entire interface of the phone, including font size and icons, all in an attractive design, Material Design style. If you want even more customization, you can download packages of icons to change the appearance of the apps in BlackBerry PRIV. Nova Launcher is free, but some advanced features required to pay.

Atari Fit

Atari Fit is a fitness application that will help you lead a healthy life through exercise and at the same time allowing earn points to unlock Atari games like Pong, Super Breakout and centipedes. The application features more than 150 different exercises and over 30 plans and programs that can be customized, including programs careers, fitness routines and more.

These are our selection of the best BlackBerry Priv apps at no cost. If you know other apps that are not included in this list, or you want to write to us to tell us your favorite applications, leave a comment. Thank you for your great support.
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