The best animal Games for Android free for kids

Android tablets and smartphones are not just toys, but also the pedagogical instruments. Here’s a selection of the best animal games for free to discover the world of animals with intelligence and wholesome entertainment.

You probably use your Android way more than you think. But who is next? If we don’t guess the wrong, your kids or kids in the house, right? Our way of life and that of our children to play have changed radically. If in the past they preferred to go outside to play with a ball, now the game is increasingly virtual, through the mobile phone. On the market, you can find simulations for free or for a fee to download on your Android, offering games of animals. Let’s see the best Android kid games of animals.
animal games for android free kids games

We love our kids most and let them interact with almost everything they want. So why not install some of the best animal games for Android free and let them enjoy.

Animals Farm For Kids

When it comes to animals, farming games are the must and natural. Perhaps it is too early to play Farmville, but not to use the Animals Farm For Kids. A fun game in which you interact with the world of the farm: chickens, ducks, cows, pigs, tractors, grain harvest fields and much more. This is a very simple game for children between 2 and 4 years that will teach them not only the names of new animals, but where does the milk, how to fix the wheels of a tractor, and many other activities that characterize the rural life.

My Talking Tom

Another game that has enthralled and continues to do so is My Talking Tom. In this game, you will have to interact with a kitten named Tom, and you have to clean it, feed it, in addition to providing him with the right care with the little darlings, let him do his physiological poop and play with him. It becomes a cat sitter in effect and in addition to amusing the kitten, you are empowered in your care. Fantasy increases with the creation of game environments and life for the kitten and helps to raise awareness of the child playing with the smartphone.

Toddler Animal Sounds

An interactive book for children to learn to identify animals, learn their ways, the name, and its pronunciation. Indeed, it’s a portable animal zoo with animal pictures where your kids will learn the sounds and names of various animals. The sights and sounds are captivating and realistic. Suitable for children of all ages, can be played both in autonomy, even better, with parental support.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure

This game is for the most daring and adventurous kids. They will explore a mysterious island and save every animal that is in danger. This is the case of Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, where the goal is to save exotic animals from flooded islands and build a heavenly place for them. This way you visit dangerous and mysterious locations to find the animals, often rare and endangered. Kids can know new habitats for animals and build on knowledge and imagination.

Littlest Pet Shop

In Littlest Pet Shop, your toddler will not have one but up to 150 pets at your disposal, including dogs, cats, koalas, and even bears. Not only is caring for pets, feeding them and cleaning them, but also need to build houses and playgrounds for them. So you can play with them to make them happy and the best pet shop in the world.

Bird Land

If your kids don’t like the dog, cat, you can always try with birds. Birdland is a Huge World of Birds! Bird Land offers you care for them in their beautiful open spaces. You’ll have to take care and feed parrots, cockatoos, swans, and lots of animals with colorful feathers.

Animals Puzzle for Kids

With Animals Puzzle for Kids, your kids can develop association skills, tactile and fine motor skills through the completion of puzzles related to animals from different areas such as farms and forests. This also will facilitate learning and knowledge of several species of wildlife from an early age, and all in a simple, intuitive interface, and designed to capture the attention of children.

Fish Live

An aquarium can be a very relaxing space. But if it must be you who care for the fish, you may not have time to breathe. However, kids will love to interact with these friendly beings of the deep blue sea. Live Fish breeding with all kinds of fish, including sharks, in an underwater atmosphere.


Pou is also a virtual pet to care for, feed, wash and entertain. To keep Pou healthy and happy you must give food and have it always clean. It is also important to play with him to be happy. You can collect coins to buy accessories to customize your pet and the place where it live.

That’s it. With these free Android games, your child will be happy and discover new things every day. Do you know any other children game that should be added? Let us know the name in the comments. Thank you.

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