Best Android platform games you should play in 2016

Selection of the best Android platform games to enjoy on your Android smartphone and tablet devices.

What are the best Android platform games? We help you turn your smartphone or tablet into a true handheld game console with a selection of the best platform games for Android.
Best Android platform games 2016 Below you will find top 10 of the best Android platform games that you should not miss if you are a true gamer. Enjoy it:

We present the 10 best platform games for Android, those that really worth playing.


First up is BADLAND which gained huge popularity among Android users for being well designed with good graphics, original soundtrack, physical, puzzles ingenuity, social and multiplayer point, and fun to play. Badland is an amazing 2D side-scrolling platform game where you control a quirky forest dweller to discover the truth about strange events while avoiding all kinds of traps and dangers. The game features campaign and multiplayer mode with dozens of levels. Multiplayer mode allows you to play with up to four players on one device. The atmosphere is immersive and it is nearly impossible to stop once you started playing the game.

Cordy 2

Cordy 2 is a very entertaining platform game where you control a robot and have to run, jump, collect items, kill enemies and move objects to solve small puzzles as you navigate levels. In this adventure, Cordy will have the help of his friend Volt and his new friends MagnetBot, SmashBot, CopterBot that meet throughout the game. Volt and CopterBot help you fly, MagnetBot to move with the help of its magnetic power and SmashBot to break surfaces. The game follows the line of the classic Mega Jump, offering a fast and very fun game that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Cordy 2 has three worlds featuring 53 levels filled with colorful and good graphics.

Leo’s Fortune

In this award-winning platform adventure game, you will have to help your furry friend to catch the thief who stole his treasure overcoming obstacles and solving a lot of fun puzzles. Leo’s Fortune includes all the ingredients of classic platformers, but with stunning graphics. It has a vibrant and colorful graphics, which caress the senses. The game is compatible with various controllers for smartphones, but we are sure that you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the game without a controller. The controls are precise, perfectly adapted to touch devices.


Swordigo is an adventure game that combines the elements of platform games with RPG elements. The game provides dungeons, towns, treasures, monsters … everything to have a good time and save the world. Armed with a sword and start your journeys through the forests, mountains, and other fantastic scenarios, dodging obstacles and fighting enemies that you encounter. Also, you can improve your inventory to defeat whoever comes your way more easily. Swordigo is an addictive game with beautiful graphics that will provide hours of entertainment.

Sword Of Xolan

The graphics in the game is not everything. That’s why we’ve included a game as “pixelated” in our list. Sword Of Xolan is an outstanding Android platform game with absolutely delicious pixelated visuals. Fight vicious enemies and defeat huge bosses at the end of each level by using your weapons and magical powers. Along the way, well, you can rescue maidens and get gold, deeds that will report several benefits. Also, the music in the game is really epic. This is a free platform game for Android.


Megatroid is a pretty fun game that mixes the games Metroid and Megaman. It is an action and platform game where you must complete various missions and challenges throughout the game. You’ll have to play as a robot and will run, jump and shoot the bad guys. The game has a well achieved graphical structure and dynamic interface that will allow you to quickly and easily learn all the commands and controls needed to play. You must put all your skill and ability to be a winner.

Cally’s Caves 3

Have you ever seen a little girl with blond hair capable of handling weapons like a true warrior? Here she is. Cally’s Caves 3 combines platforms and frantic action over a story mode with more than 100 levels in which you will face countless enemies and huge bosses. Along the way, you will find wild wolves, pirates, monsters and various bosses that will try to prevent you from reaching your final destination. All this with a retro graphics that will delight fans of pixelated design.

Wind-up Knight

The game Wind-up Knight is an adventure game with gorgeous 3D Graphics, HQ, where the main character has to be helped to arrive safely at the end of each level to advance. gets you into the skin of a Robotic Knight Invader who has to rescue the princess from the clutches of the evil Black Knight. To achieve this you will have to jump, run, shoot, fight and collect all the coins and secrets of each level without die. Wind-up Knight is one of the best platform game for Android, which is very addictive due to problems encountered during the levels and particularly exceptional.

Rayman Jungle Run

We all know about the adventures of “the eggplant Man” and, in the mobile version, our hero will just run, avoiding obstacles and collecting as many Lum as possible. The game strikes especially for the colorful graphics and the frenzy present in each level. With Game Center, you can challenge your friends and thus make the game more interactive. Ultimately we qualify this game as one of the best platform games for Android smartphone and tablet devices, the investment will not be wasted.

Mercurial Story Platform Game

A platformer mixed with a puzzle game in which gravity changes if we overcome the line that bisects the level? Looks interesting. Plan your moves quietly and watch where you wave.

These were our selection of the 10 best Android platform games that are worth playing on your smartphone and tablet devices. Some are paid, but they are really very funny and well designed, so, why not pay a little money for a great product?
How many of these Android games already on your record? Let us know if we have forgotten anyone.

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